China Fahui | Elevating in Cultivation After Overcoming Tribulations

A practitioner overcomes imprisonment and other forms of brutal persecution with firm belief, righteous thoughts, clarifying the truth, and removing her attachments.

China Fahui | Non-Practitioner Husband Changes from Disapproving of to Supporting Falun Gong

“My husband initially objected to my practicing Falun Gong, and I went out to clarify the truth behind his back. We had many conflicts because of that. I enlightened that righteousness is practiced by practitioners who cultivate well. I've since looked within. Along with improving in cultivation, my home environment changed, and my husband no longer stops me from telling people about Falun Gong.”

China Fahui | Because I Follow Dafa's Teachings My Business Has Blossomed

A practitioner applies the principles of Falun Dafa to his job as an engineer for a construction company and refused all bribes. Consequently, he gained the respect of his supervisors and colleagues. He eventually started his own business and built up a company that gained the trust and respect needed to succeed beyond his expectations. He always makes it a point to tell his clients about Falun Dafa and how it is being persecuted.

Bin County, Heilongjiang Province: Another 19 Falun Gong Practitioners Targeted in Mass Arrest Across Province

A mass arrest of Falun Gong practitioners took place across Heilongjiang Province on November 9, 2018. Bin County has been confirmed to be another region where practitioners were targeted.

Berlin, Germany: Exposing China's Forced Organ Harvesting During Organ Transplantation Conference

Falun Gong practitioners held activities at the 27th Annual German Transplantation Society and talked to many doctors, medical professionals, and passersby to raise awareness of the state-sanctioned forced organ harvesting of practitioners  in China.

China Fahui | Police Officers Stood in a Row to Send Us Off

After three practitioners were arrested for putting up Falun Dafa posters, the police officers were moved by the compassion of the practitioners and they were released three hours later.

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