Supporters of Falun Dafa in China Respectfully Wish Revered Master Li a Happy New Year

Practitioners and others around the world have a tradition of sending New Year's greetings to the founder of Falun Dafa, Master Li Hongzhi. The majority of the greetings come from Mainland China, where the persecution of Falun Dafa continues to this day. The greetings evidence the great respect and gratitude that people have for the countless positive changes Falun Dafa has brought to their lives, whether or not they are practitioners.

Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference Held in Serbia

The first Falun Dafa experience sharing conference ever to be held in Belgrade, Serbia had many countries in the region represented. Thirteen practitioners provided insights and inspiration as they shared their journeys of cultivation, talking about looking inward for attachments and striving to accord with Dafa's principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance.

Falun Gong Posters Appear Amid New Year Festivities in China

With the new year approaching, the streets have been filled with shoppers and people on their way to visit friends. Falun Gong practitioners in Liaoning seized the opportunity to reach more people with their message. One approach they used is putting up posters in public places with various messages, such as publicizing the movement to quit the Chinese Communist Party.

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