Since the beginning of this year, Yang Bo and several other people from the United States registered two companies, using the excuse of clarifying the truth to the upper levels of society in the United States. They convinced practitioners to invest and buy shares. These people receive wages and provide high returns to some of those who bought shares at the beginning. Yang Bo is a person whose background is unclear. This is not the first time that his conduct has seriously violated the principles of Dafa. The person named “Yang X” in the Minghui announcement published February 27, 2013 was him. He asked practitioners from the mainland to provide him with sensitive information, which directly involves the safety of students.

The company and the founders try to lure practitioners to get involved with the excuse of clarifying the truth. They painted so-called good prospects with the temptation of financial interest, and attracted quite a few practitioners to participate. Their business model is to use later participants' investments to pay the people who joined earlier. They try hard to convince practitioners who work in the media to join, but also repeatedly told them not to let the person in charge of the media know.

Practitioners' money is a valuable Dafa resource, and practitioners need it to maintain their livelihood and save people. Not a penny should be used by these others.

In recent years, Dafa disciples have constantly been clarifying the truth in society, including to the mainstream and higher end. Their purpose is to save people, never wanting to obtain personal gains through truth-clarification. This company is trying to use the connections that practitioners in the media have forged within mainstream society over the last few years, and expand their so-called consulting business.

This seriously violates the principles of Dafa. These people must undo their impact and make up for the loss. Participants should also immediately tell their local Dafa association and explain how much money they invested, how much money they took out, and who talked them into it.

The founders should not argue that this is an ordinary people's company, so that the Dafa Association has no right to stop them. They should not use this as an excuse to refuse to correct the mistake. You convinced practitioners to join you in the name of clarifying the truth, and you use their money to pay wages. So, practitioners have the right to know where their money is going. American law does not protect this behavior. If you are practitioners, then you should do what is required. When you make a mistake, you should correct it right away.

We must also remind fellow practitioners. Why are you so easily deceived? Didn't you feel something strange about this? The purpose of clarifying the truth is to save people. Using this business model, how can this company have made such a large profit and pay wages in such a short period of time? Couldn't the money received have been other practitioners' money? Dare you spend this kind of money?

The reason for all kinds of interference is that practitioners have all kinds of notions and attachments. Over the years there have been too many lessons like this. We should become mature. We hope everyone takes this lesson as a warning, looks inward when problems arise, solidly cultivates, and walks smoothly the rest of their path.

Falun Dafa Association

August 23, 2017

(Translation subject to further improvement. Last revised August 27, 2017)