(Minghui.org) This year's annual online China Fahui (experience-sharing conference) on Minghui.org has once again given practitioners in China an opportunity to share their stories and understandings with practitioners outside of China. This helps all practitioners cultivate better, awakens sentient beings, and fulfills our missions.

Just as in other regions, practitioners in Australia and New Zealand said they were moved by Chinese practitioners' sincere hearts to validate the Fa as well as their gratitude towards Master. “Although we are here in Australia, we feel we are all following the same Fa principles, and the Fa's requirements for all of us are the same,” one practitioner said. She said practitioners in China have done very well in that harsh environment, and she had learned a lot from reading their experience papers.

(Continued from Part 2)

Being Compassionate

Ms. Zou in Sydney has read almost every sharing article from China on Minghui, especially those recently posted. She said, “From reading the sharing articles, I have learned that practitioners in China are doing well in studying the Fa, sending righteous thoughts and raising awareness of the persecution. They use various methods to raise awareness.

“I am touched by the manifestation of their divine powers and their compassion in saving sentient beings. I reflected on how I have practiced over the nearly two years since I came to Australia. I think I have a big gap to catch up with fellow practitioners in China. Thus, I decided to go to the fish market to raise awareness.

“I noted that if I acted quickly I could join another event to raise awareness at the train station after finishing the fish market activity, and have continued to go to both places to raise awareness every day.”

Ms. Zou is nearly 70 years old. She carries large poster boards to the fish market every day. She said, “I could overcome bodily fatigue, but I felt my compassion was lacking. I was moved by the article titled 'Three Letters'. The practitioner did not consider the head of 610 Office an enemy, but a person to be saved. She wrote letters to the head of the office and other perpetrators to let them learn about the truth and help them withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

“Her compassion is so extraordinary that I cannot compare. I am touched and impressed. I have become more broad-hearted since reading the article.

Practitioners Outside China Should Read the China Fahui Articles

David Yu in Queensland said, “I have been benefiting a lot from reading the sharing articles from the China Fahui. I suggest practitioners outside China read them all.”

Yu said, “From reading the articles, I enlightened that it is important to wholeheartedly improve my heart nature and save sentient beings. I must learn from the practitioners in China, pay more attention to heart nature and be a genuine Dafa practitioner. We should keep righteous thoughts, especially when facing setbacks and tribulations.

“It is easy to develop an attachment to comfort in the peaceful environment outside of China. I sometimes failed to put practicing and saving sentient beings first when I was busy at work or at home.

“The Fahui articles impressed upon me that time is limited. I have reinforced my efforts in sending forth righteous thoughts and raising awareness. This has greatly improved the effectiveness of my efforts to clarify the truth.”

Listening to Minghui Radio on China Fahui and Looking Within

Ms. Li in Perth, Australia, started practicing Falun Gong in 1998. She has been promoting Shen Yun performances in a local supermarket recently. During her commute to the shopping center, she listens to Minghui Radio podcasts from the China Fahui for one hour.

She said, “Before listening to the articles, I had even felt my cultivation was stagnating or even moving backward a little due to my busy schedule.

“The pressure I felt due to insufficient righteous thoughts was gone after listening to the article titled “Going Through Extreme Difficulties with Firm Belief in Master and the Fa.” I immediately shared the URL link of this article with other practitioners and a practitioner who was experiencing illness karma.”

Li said, “I noticed how my cultivation lagged behind the practitioners in China after listening to the China Fahui articles. I have attachments to fame, self-interest and sentimentality. I sometimes cannot let go of these attachments even though I recognize them.

“During the period that I have been listening to the China Fahui articles, I could keep my righteous thoughts. When facing an issue, I could have righteous thoughts, look within for my shortcomings and correct them.”