Greetings, benevolent Master! Greetings, all practitioners!

I have benefited tremendously from reading all of the articles from the last China Fahui on Minghui.org. Indeed, the annual online experience-sharing conference for practitioners in China is a platform for all of us to share experiences and understanding and to elevate together. I have, therefore, decided to participate in this year's China Fahui.

Looking back at my cultivation journey, I relived some of the scenes where I helped staff at the 610 Office and the law enforcement officials learn the facts about Falun Gong. I thought it would be great to use this opportunity to write about my experience in this regard so more people in this sector will understand the truth. I asked for Master's assistance for ideas on how to write this article. A title just came to my mind. As I typed in the title on my computer, tears streamed down my cheeks. I believe they were tears of compassion.

First Letter - Letter to the Local 610 Office Director (2003)

In March 2003, I went with another practitioner to distribute pamphlets door to door in a rural area. At some point, we could not agree with each other so we went separate ways. This made us vulnerable to the old forces. Someone tipped off the police and both of us were taken into custody. As I refused to sign the document to renounce my belief, I was sent to the local brainwashing center for 10 months.

Shortly after they sent me there, the director of the local 610 Office asked me to see him. I told him how Dafa helps improve people's health and morality. But he was not interested. He said, “On page 38 of Zhuan Falun, it reads, “The ultimate goal of cultivation practice is to attain the Tao and complete cultivation.” Can you explain this to me?” I realized that he wanted to know deeper level truth. He was, in fact, on the list of perpetrators on the Minghui website. In our subsequent meetings, I tried to talk to him about various spiritual truths from the teachings and recited poems from Hong Yin and other articles.

One day I read to him Master's poem,

“With shared purpose did you come to the earth,And in gaining the Fa you took the lead.One day shall you ascend to the heavens,Then free, unfettered,with the immeasurable power of Fa.”(“Fulfilling the Vow” from Hong Yin)

I said to him, “We came to this world with the same goal. I obtained the Fa first and I am hoping that you will cultivate Dafa soon.” He was very touched hearing this. He said, “I am on your list of perpetrators, but you don't treat me like an enemy.” I let him know that Master had taught us to treat everyone like family, with great compassion. "Since we had such close interactions, we must have had a close predestined relationship."

Later, Master revealed to me in my dream that he was my cousin during a historical period. Master helped me pay back our debts to each other and to save him. The power of compassion had obviously disintegrated the evil behind him. He since changed completely right before my eyes.

During my last few months at the brainwashing center, he had the guards deliver me a copy of Zhuan Falun for me to read every day. He also printed out Master’s new articles for the guards to deliver to me. I gained a lot of confidence and righteous thoughts upon reading the articles. I was determined to break through the old forces’ arrangements and to walk the path arranged by Master.

Our employer was hesitant to take us back due to the pressure from above. To help us return to work as soon as possible, one day he brought me a pen and some paper and suggested that I write a letter addressed to him, explaining why we practice and the positive changes that we had undergone and why we refused to give up our belief. I jumped at the opportunity.

It was as if Master saw my heart to validate Dafa. He arranged for another staff member of the 610 Office, who was sympathetic to Dafa practitioners, to bring me Master's Fa teaching, Essentials for Further Advancement. I attached/cited some of Master's articles where it concerned ordinary people in the letter to awaken people's conscience. The staff members were impressed with my letter and my handwriting. I knew they were happy to have learned the truth.

I found out much later that the real intent of the letter was for the managers in my company to know that we were kind people. My boss read it and came to understand that we refused to give up our faith not just for ourselves, but for other people's sake, which paved the way for us to return to work.

My boss also forwarded the letter to my husband, who had filed for divorce due to the persecution. After reading my letter, he no longer pursued the divorce. As it turned out, this letter was instrumental in saving a number of people.

In the meantime, we also looked inward and eliminated our attachments. We were determined to measure up to the xinxing requirements so we could break through the arrangements of the old forces. We would not do damage to Dafa by compromising or becoming “transformed” at any cost. We sent righteous thoughts, let people know the facts, and went on a hunger strike. We let go of our attachments to worldly gains. We offered to resign from our jobs so the company would not be affected. I signed a separation agreement sent to me supposedly by my husband, which turned out to be a trick by the authorities to break my will. Maybe because we met the xinxing requirement at our level, we were then assisted by the 610 Office director and walked out of the brainwashing facility without being “transformed” and went back to our jobs with the same salary and benefits.

Soon, this 610 Office director was promoted, left the 610 Office and became a head of a government department. I believe it was his good fortune for supporting Dafa. In the past few years, we continued to visit him to give him more informational materials and to further clarify the truth to him.

Second Letter - Letter to the New Director of the 610 Office (2010)

In 2010, one of the local practitioners who had been arrested and released left town to avoid further harassment from the police. In order to help her come back to town and resume her job and to clarify the truth to the local law enforcement officials, I decided to write to the new director of the 610 Office to appeal on her behalf.

This director had been very involved in the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners since the time when I was at the brainwashing center. It turned out that he was from the same high school as I was. So I decided to write to him as a someone from the same secondary school and the same town. I explained to him why Dafa practitioners do what they do and that they risk their lives to do things not for themselves, but for everyone.

I had another practitioner polish my letter. She suggested that I attach some other well-written published articles. Soon after I sent it to him, he sent word to the disciplinary department in my company that I, an old schoolmate, wrote to him. I subsequently went to see him to talk to him more about Dafa and the practitioners.

Later on, I heard that he sent the letter to the Public Security Department. I am not sure what his intent was, but more people read the letter.

More local practitioners followed suit to write to him and speak to him. I heard that he had started to read Dafa books. When two practitioners were taken into custody for filing a criminal complaint against the former head of the CCP, Jiang Zemin, he released them. On another occasion, when a number of practitioners were rounded up while distributing informational materials in the rural area, a police officer called him. He instructed them to let the practitioners go as it was close to the Chinese New Year.

The last I heard was that he left the 610 Office and was promoted to a better position. I believe he, too, was blessed for his kindness towards Dafa and practitioners.

Third Letter – Letter to the Law Enforcement Departments (2017)

I wrote the third letter last year in an effort to rescue three practitioners from police custody. In order for those involved, including the court, the prosecutors, public security departments, domestic security division, and 610 Office to understand the truth and eventually drop the cases, fellow practitioners who had set up a “rescue team” asked me to write a letter on behalf of the families of the three practitioners to deliver to those responsible for their cases.

I realized that this was an important job. I needed to do a good job. I needed to provide them with comprehensive information: the fundamentals about Falun Dafa, the persecution, the truth clarification efforts on the part of the practitioners, the consequences of being involved in the persecution and examples of such cases being withdrawn across the country.

I asked Master for strength wisdom and inspiration before I started writing. I also found well-presented, comprehensive information on the Minghui desk calendar. I reorganized this for my purpose. I focused on why Dafa practitioners do what they do. I appealed to them to do the right thing and to release the jailed practitioners.

A few practitioners provided input to make it better. The letter presented the facts in a rational and compassionate tone. We made copies for the family members of the jailed practitioners, who delivered the letters to the responsible departments successfully with the help of our righteous thoughts. Local practitioners further sent copies of the letter to the law enforcement departments. This letter has served as an effective tool to clarify the truth to the local law enforcement community, without causing any safety issues for local practitioners.

Thank you, Master!