(Minghui.org) The 13th Mainland China Experience Sharing Conference on Minghui.org is now open for article submissions.

Dafa disciples have been on the journey of Fa-rectification cultivation for 17 years. Many people in both mainland China and overseas now know about Falun Dafa and the persecution by the Chinese Communist Party. Government officials at all levels who participated in the persecution have faced karmic retribution. Many officials have recognized the goodness of Falun Dafa and stopped participating in the persecution. However, some of Jiang Zemin's followers—driven by material interest and desire—are still continuing the suppression.

Meanwhile, many Dafa disciples still have not elevated in their cultivation practice, and too many people have not yet been saved. Facing each Dafa disciple is the challenge of how to strive forward vigorously in the last phase of Fa-rectification, make the best use of time to solidly improve xinxing, and save people with wisdom.

We hope more practitioners will cherish the limited opportunities remaining for Fa-rectification period Minghui Fa conferences and write down personal experiences of Fa-rectification cultivation, the process of improving xinxing, and enlightenment to Fa principles. This will allow us to encourage one another and remain diligent together. If our Fahui can help more practitioners to take the Fa as Master and look within, earnestly measure oneself against the Fa and find one's shortcomings when encountering any conflict, and improve one's xinxing, we will be able to do better as a group to validate the Fa, assist Master in saving people, and reduce losses.

To improve readability, please focus on a few aspects and do not try to cover everything at once. Avoid words and greetings with no substance so as not to validate oneself using Minghui articles. The title should be specific and directly related to the content. Consider adding subheadings for longer articles.

Even though Minghui Fahui articles are intended for sharing among practitioners, our readers include non-practitioners as well. Please consider the effect on truth-clarification when writing.

We hope more practitioners will participate in this event. We look forward to stories of cultivating with a pure heart, improving xinxing based on the Fa, and solid efforts to save people.

Notes for article submissions:

1. Submissions open on August 2 and end on September 15.2. This call for articles is meant only for Dafa disciples in mainland China.3. When writing, coordinating, and sending articles, please continue to pay attention to the issue of safety.4. When sending in articles using the website's internal email account, please indicate your region.5. Please specify “Fahui article submission” when sending in articles to facilitate correct processing by the editorial board.6. Please send articles to the dedicated mailbox for the mainland China Fa conference: fahui@minghui.org

Minghui Editorial Board

August 2, 2016