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After Dodging and Hiding from Her Family, Court Staff Secretly Tries Ms. Fu Guihua

June 27, 2014 |   By a Minghui correspondent from Jilin Province, China

(Minghui.org) Without informing Ms. Fu Guihua's family or her attorney, the Changchun Intermediate Court tried her secretly on June 6, after rejecting her case seven times due to insufficient evidence.

Ms. Fu was charged for hanging up 38 banners that promoted Falun Gong. However, the evidence submitted by police and the Procuratorate was not cross-examined, and none of the four witnesses appeared up at the trial.

Ms. Fu told the court that she had been tortured by the Nong'an Domestic Security Division to extract a confession. The trial lasted for only 20 minutes.

Four days after the trial, the detention center informed her family and attorney about her being taken away for the trial.

Ms. Fu is still detained at the Changchun No. 3 Detention Center, and the court hasn't announced the sentence.

After her case was submitted to the court for the eighth time in May, the court staff didn't allow the attorney to review the documents. Because they were kept in the dark, her family and attorney frequented the court almost every day, seeking updated information regarding the case.

Court Staff Plays Hide-and-Seek

The court staff began hiding from the family during the days leading up to the trial.

When reached by the family, presiding judge Sun Yinsheng and judge Guo Qingxi both told them on the phone that they were in a meeting. When the family called again, they said that they were out of town.

The family kept calling both judges, who stopped answering the phone or hung up immediately once they found out it was about Ms. Fu's case.

Family Files Complaint Against the Court

Ms. Fu's family was very upset after finding out about the secret trial. Her rights as a Chinese citizen weren't being protected.

They complained to the court that they blocked the lawyer's access to her documents and obstructed his defense for her.

The court didn't respond to the complaint nor did they reveal more information regarding the trial.

Ms. Fu's family later learned from the detention center that her case had been returned to the police for the eighth time to request additional evidence before the trial.

Ms. Fu Arrested Shortly After Returning Home

Ms. Fu, in her fifties, is a kind-hearted peasant. Suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, and liver cirrhosis, she began practicing Falun Gong in 1996, and soon experienced dramatic health improvement.

Following the onset of the persecution against Falun Gong in 1999, the police frequently threatened her at home. With 8-year-old and 10-year-old daughters, she didn't want to see them growing up in terror and fear.

She finally made the hard decision to leave home so that her family would be left alone by the police.

The police told her neighbors, “If we find her, we will arrest her and torture her to death.”

After wandering about for ten years, Ms. Fu returned home before the 2011 Chinese New Year and reunited with her family.

Shortly after she settled down, however, she was arrested again on June 3, 2013, along with practitioner Ms. Sun Yanxia.

Family Members Detained and Threatened for Seeking Justice

A group of friends and family members went to the detention center on June 5, 2013, to visit Ms. Fu and Ms. Sun. They were arrested, interrogated, tortured, and detained for 15 days, by Tang Ke, the head of Nong'an Domestic Security Division, and officers from Gucheng Police Station.

One of the practitioners, Ms. Liu Guihong, in her forties, was abused during detention, despite her deteriorating breast cancer. Her health continued to deteriorate after she was released. She passed away in February 2014.

Also in February, members from both families filed lawsuits against the officials responsible for the persecution, but the case was blocked by Nong'an Procuratorate.

Both practitioners were tortured and interrogated during the one-year detention. Ms. Fu became emaciated and developed high blood pressure (190 mmHg).

Ms. Sun developed cirrhosis, a fallopian tube tumor, and hepatitis B. Due to her health condition, she was released on bail on May 22.

Ms. Fu's two daughters went with her sister to Nong'an Domestic Security Division on April 8 to ask the authorities to release her. They were arrested by officers from Gucheng Police Station, and detained for ten days, with the excuse of “fighting with people.”

Parties Involved in the Persecution:Ma Chi (马驰), head of 610 Office: +86-18943063190 (Cell), +86-431-83219386 (Office), +86-431-83369883Tang Ke (唐克), head of Domestic Security Division: +86-431-83246865 (Office), +86-15943107777 (Cell), +86-431-83237977 (Home)Lu Mingxuan (吕明选), deputy chief of Domestic Security Division: +86-13364600168 (Cell), +86-15904408275Yu Hongwen (于洪文), deputy secretary of Political and Legal Affairs Committee: +86-431-83244639 (Office), +86-13894800477 (Cell)Yu Baoquan (于保全), head of police station: +86-15904419012 (Cell), +86-13009000012(For more perpetrators' contact information, please refer to the original Chinese article)