(Minghui.org) Ms. Fu Guihua and Ms. Sun Yanxia from Nong'an County in Jilin Province have been held in the Changchun City No. 3 Detention Center for 10 months. The police have tried to sentence them seven times, but officials from the court continue to refuse to accept the case due to a lack of evidence.

Ms. Fu developed high blood pressure while in detention, and Ms. Sun Yanxia was diagnosed with cirrhosis, Hepatitis B and had a tumor in her fallopian tube. Both practitioners should be allowed parole to receive medical treatment, but officials from the detention center refuse to release them.

Ms. Fu and Ms. Sun Beaten

Ms. Fu and Ms. Sun were severely beaten in the Nong'an County Domestic Security Division after their arrest on June 3, 2013, in attempts to obtain a confession from them for hanging up a Falun Gong banner in Changchun on May 13.

Ms. Fu was locked in a dark room and forced to sit in a chair with her legs tied to the chair legs. Tang Ke, the head of Nong'an County Domestic Security Division, then struck her arms, legs and feet with a metal bar, while guard Lu Ming repeatedly slapped her in the face for about half an hour. Ms. Fu was in a lot of pain long after the beating. She experienced numbness and felt pain whenever she touched something.

Tang Ke also beat Ms. Sun's legs until they were swollen and bruised. The swelling did not subside for two months.

In Critical Condition

When Ms. Fu's family members visited her at the detention center, they noticed that she had lost a lot of weight. Very little food is provided for the inmates at meal times, and therefore they are forced to buy supplementary food to keep them from going hungry. This food is very expensive. Ms. Fu has been prevented from buying additional food since March 5, 2014, as punishment for doing the Falun Dafa exercises.

The guards also would not let the inmates in the same ward as Ms. Fu watch TV. This was done to stir up resentment against her among the inmates. When an inmate beat Ms. Fu, her screams could be heard all over the building.

Seven Failed Attempts to Sentence the Practitioners

The police submitted documents to officials at the Procuratorate and Changchun City Middle Court at least seven times over a period of ten months in an attempt to sentence Ms. Fu and Ms. Sun. Each time the documents were returned to the police due to a lack of evidence.

Ms. Fu Guihua lives at the No. 3 Group, Wujiazi Village in Jilin Province, and is a simple and honest farmer. She suffered from many illnesses before she started practicing Faun Dafa in 1996. Once she began practicing, her illnesses disappeared and her family life improved.

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