(Minghui.org) Just one month after Mr. Qu Hui was persecuted to death, his wife, Ms. Liu Xinying was illegally arrested again on March 21, 2014. Her home was also ransacked and robbed by police officers. She had actually been monitored since 2012.

Photo: A happy family prior to persecution: Mr. Qu Hui, Ms. Liu Xinying and their daughter.

Ms. Liu's Latest Arrest

Ms. Liu is a nurse at the Dalian Maternity Hospital. At around 8 a.m. on March 21, 2014 when Ms. Liu was leaving home, she was arrested by officers from the Xiuyuejie Police Station in Dalian City. The six officers had been waiting for her downstairs. One of the officers, Yu Yang, handcuffed Ms. Liu's arms behind her back in front of her neighbors and took her to the detention center with the other officers.

The officers tried very hard for over two hours to leave Ms. Liu at the detention center, but the guards there refused to accept her because she failed the physical examination. After lunch, they took Ms. Liu to the Zhongshan District Court in Dalian. Ms. Liu refused to sign when one of the judges, Liang Yongguo, wanted to put her under residential surveillance. The officers had to take her to the Xiuyuejie Police Station.

In an attempt to raid Ms. Liu's home, the officers took her back home in the afternoon. More than a dozen people participated in ransacking her home, including Sun Tie with two others from the Zhongshan District Domestic Security Division and several people from the Dalian Domestic Security Division. They took away three laptops (including one for her daughter's school use), a mobile phone, USB drives, Dafa books and other personal items.

Arrest Details

It was reported that the arrest of Ms. Liu was related to her involvement in the Zhongshan lawsuit. Some Falun Gong practitioners were arrested and persecuted because they installed NTDTV receivers. The case was appealed, and it entered the second hearing.

However, the judges including Fu Qingwei, Guo Changjun and He Yunbo with the Dalian City Intermediate People's Court violated the legal proceedings. They didn't hold the court hearing, nor did they involve the lawyers. They simply upheld the initial sentence and tried to put the practitioners in jail.

The families of the practitioners and the lawyers didn't compromise. They were determined to continue to appeal and reveal the violation of judicial procedure by the police and the court in the entire process. As a result, Ms. Liu was arrested because of her involvement in the case.

Ms. Liu's Arrest in 2012

Ms. Liu was arrested on July 6, 2012 due to the installation of NTDTV satellite receivers. She was monitored all the time after she was released on bail. She was even harassed during her husband's funeral by some individuals from the Zhongshan District Domestic Security Division.

Family Suffered from On-going Persecution

Ms. Liu's husband, Mr. Qu, was paralyzed due to the torture he suffered at the Dalian Forced Labor Camp. Life was very hard for Ms. Liu because she took care of her husband for 13 years before he passed away, and she raised her daughter.

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