(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Qu Hui and I am 32 years old. I live at No. 41 Yihe Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province. Prior to the persecution against Dafa, I was a freight-forwarder at the Port of Dalian. I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1996, and benefited tremendously from Dafa both physically and mentally. My wife is also a Dafa practitioner. Her name is Liu Xinying and she is a nurse at Dalian's Gynecological Hospital.

On July 22, 1999, Jiang's regime began slandering Falun Gong. My wife and I went to Beijing to appeal and were illegally arrested at the Dalian Airport. We were held at the Dalian City Detention Center for 50 days. At that time, my wife was still breast-feeding our child. The authorities cruelly took our 10-month baby from her during her detention, separating mother and child.

In January 2000, my wife and I decided to go to Beijing to appeal again. In Tiananmen Square, the police forcibly dragged us into a police vehicle and beat us. After we were taken back to Dalian from Beijing, I was fined 10,000 Yuan, lost my job and was detained at the Port of Dalian Detention Center. [Note: the average monthly income in urban areas of China is 500 Yuan; in rural areas it is a mere 200 Yuan] During our detention, police instructed other prisoners to beat me in order to force me to give up my faith in Dafa. More than a month later, the police forcibly sent me to Pulandian City's Mental Institution Police Ward, where I was detained with mental patients who were murderers and violent criminals. After more than a month, seeing that I didn't change my mind, the police sentenced me to Dalian City's Forced Labor Camp for one year. There they exhausted all means to torture me, including slave labor and brainwashing, all failing to cause me to waver in my faith in Dafa. In the end, I was carried out of the labor camp on a stretcher. The hospital diagnosis was that I had incurred a broken neck vertebrae and upper-level paraplegia. The details are as follows:

On the afternoon of March 19, 2001, the labor camp authorities organized a large group of guards and assembled all kinds of torture instruments to start a large-scale campaign of persecution against Dafa practitioners. Ambulances with oxygen bags were also driven into the division that was created for the purpose of detaining Falun Gong practitioners. Police forced practitioners to sit in a room and forbade us to sleep. We were taken into another room one by one, where they used all means to force us to say "I will stop practicing" and sign a "reform statement." They forced us to curse our most respected Teacher and Dafa with the most degrading language. If we disobeyed, they would brutally torture us. Practitioners who were tortured lay in the hallway, some foaming at the corner of their mouths, some moaning in pain. It was indeed a most horrific scene to behold. At 9:00 p.m., I was dragged into a dark and terrifying room, where the police tortured me until 8:00 a.m. the next day. They beat me with rubber clubs used up the electric charge in many electric batons. The muscles of my buttocks were beaten and deeply bruised and my knees became swollen; my neck vertebrae were broken and I vomited blood. I passed out many times. Every time I woke up, a labor camp doctor named Han Qiong checked me and said, "It's OK, you can continue to beat him." I remember most clearly a guard named Qiao Wei, who was extremely vicious. He grinned hideously and said to others, "I haven't enjoyed beating someone this much for a long time!"

The next morning the thugs saw that dozens of us practitioners were on the verge of death. They sent us to the city hospital for emergency treatment. During the early stages of the rescue effort, the labor camp and hospital Party Committee jointly decided to forbid any visits by our family members. They also ordered my family to pay for my medical bills but my family rejected their request. Criminals instead of nurses took care of me. Because I could not get timely treatment and reasonable care, my condition worsened and I was on the verge of death. Under my family's strong request, the authorities released my wife on parole, to take care of me. (In October 2000, my wife was sentenced to three years of forced labor and detained in the Dalian Forced Labor Camp).

After I had been in the hospital for 20 days my wife finally saw me. My body was deteriorating and my heart rate was 160 beats per minute. I couldn't breathe because one lung was dysfunctional. My trachea was cut and an oxygen tube was inserted in my trachea to help me breathe. Kidney failure forced me to rely on a catheter. I had severe diarrhea and could not eat, relying on transfusions. I had bedsores on many places of my body, including elbows, buttocks, calves and heels. The bedsores on my buttocks were the most severe. They covered an area more than 30 by 30 cm. [about 1 sq. ft], they reached almost 20 cm. [8 in.] deep in my pelvis. My pelvic bone was exposed and turned black, with a horrible odor from infection. The doctor said any of the above complications could take my life away at any time. My wife, who had worked in a hospital for more than 10 years, almost fainted when she saw my condition. At this time, I began vomiting large quantities of blood. My pupils dilated and I was in a coma. The doctor notified my family to prepare for my funeral, and only after my wife's strong appeal did they change from passive treatment to real emergency efforts. Through several emergency treatments, I barely survived.

Being afraid of their atrocities being exposed, the labor camp sent several guards and criminals to monitor us 24 hours a day. Every word and movement of my wife and I were under their surveillance. They forbade our family and friends to visit us, and threatened my wife not to tell anyone about my condition, or they would send her back to the forced labor camp. Under such circumstances, I requested to return home as soon as my condition became stable. I returned home after 50 days in the hospital.

After I returned home, the miracle of Dafa showed itself to me with my wife's scrupulous care. Within a little over a year, my health improved, day- by-day. Since I lost my job and also our savings through extortion by the authorities, we had to rely on help from our parents and friends. Although we live a life of poverty economically, the three of us, my wife, our child and I are happy together.

We thought that was the end of our troubles; we didn't expect the local police would monitor us and often harass us. They tried to enter my home and ransack it, but failed several times. On the afternoon of June 25, 2002, three police officers broke into my home when my wife was walking outside with guests. The thugs took away all Dafa books, cushions [for doing the sitting meditation] and everything related to Dafa. They also threatened to arrest my wife and our child. The next day, my wife went to the Taoyuan Police Station and asked them to return our belongings. She said, "You didn't have a warrant and didn't follow any legal procedures. It is illegal for you to break into a residence and forcibly ransack it," but the thugs said, "We are police, we don't need any legal procedures. The uniform is our warrant."

Let me stop here. Over the past three years, I have been through so much. I don't know what kind of violence and terror I, a person who is paralyzed and cannot take care of himself, will still have to face. For more than one year, my wife had to manually assist me to pass my bowel movements, since due to my paralysis I couldn't move my bowels by myself. The festering sores on my body expose raw flesh and I cannot even turn over in bed. My body, which was devastated by the evil, is often in excruciating pain.

After so much torture and persecution, I still firmly believe that Falun Dafa is the heavenly principle. Truth, Compassion, Tolerance shaped my life and I will forever safeguard Dafa with my life. No matter how crazed the evil authorities become, I will carry out my responsibilities as a Dafa disciple without any hesitation, I will continue to strengthen my righteous thoughts and consummate on my Fa rectification path!

November 19, 2002