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(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Qu Hui lives in Zhongshan District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province. Because he remained steadfast in his belief in Falun Dafa, he was detained in Dalian City Forced Labor Camp, where he suffered severe torture. His genitals festered from electric shocks, his cervical vertebrae were fractured, and he has been paralyzed for four years.

Mr. Qu Hui, 35 years old, lives at 41 Yihe Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian City. Before being persecuted, he was a cargo clerk in Dalian Port. After the persecution started in July 1999, he and his wife went to Beijing in January 2000, to appeal for Falun Gong and to clarify the facts. Mr. Qu was beaten by police on Tiananmen Square and was taken back to Dalian. The authorities extorted 9,700 yuan from him. Afterwards, he was discharged from his job and was detained in the Dalian Port Detention Center. After one month, Qu Hui was transferred to Pulandian City Mental Hospital to be persecuted further. On April 13, 2000, Mr. Qu was imprisoned in the Dalian City Forced Labor Camp where he suffered from hard labor, brainwashing, and torture. His genitals festered from electric shocks. His cervical vertebrae was fractured, and he became paralyzed. Finally he was tortured so badly that he had to be carried out of the forced labor camp on a stretcher. Over the past four years, Qu Hui can only lie in bed and cannot even turn his body by himself.

Images of the injuries sustained by Mr. Qu Hui due to torture while in detention. He is now paralyzed and bedridden.

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Feet Paralyzed due to Torture | Genital Festered due to Long-time Electric Shocking | Bloody Urine

In the following letter, Qu Hui describes the persecution he suffered.

An open letter to the citizens of Dalian:

Greetings kindhearted fellow Dalian residents!

My name is Qu Hui and I am 35 years old now. My address is 41 Yihe Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian City. Before being persecuted, I was a cargo clerk in Dalian Port. My wife's name is Liu Xinying, and she is a nurse at Dalian Hospital in the Gynecology and Obstetrics department. We started to practice Falun Gong in 1995 and 1996, and strictly lived according to the principles taught in the book, Zhuan Falun. We always consider others first, and do our jobs well. Within a very short period of time, we realized that our physical health had improved and our moral level had elevated. Our performance at work naturally improved and we were rewarded by our work units. Our family became harmonious and happy. Our personal experience helped us to realize that Falun Dafa is a magnificent practice. It is extremely beneficial to individuals, families, and all of society. It brings physical health, a high moral standard and genuine happiness to practitioners, something that no amount of money could ever buy.

On July 22, 1999, the persecution against Falun Gong began. After our appeal at the local level was unsuccessful, my wife and I prepared to go to Beijing to appeal because we trusted our government. However, I was arrested at Dalian Airport and was detained in the City Detention Center for 50 days. At that time, my wife was breast-feeding our infant baby. She was also illegally imprisoned in the detention center (in China, it is illegal to detain a breast-feeding mother). Our 10-month-old child was separated from my wife and thus had to be weaned early.

In January 2000, seeing that the persecution was still continuing, my wife and I decided once more to go to Beijing to appeal. At Tiananmen Square, the police dragged us into a police vehicle and beat us. After that, we were escorted back to Dalian, fined 9,700 yuan, discharged from our work and imprisoned in the Dalian Port Detention Center. During this period, the police tried to force me to give up my belief in Dafa. They told criminals in the detention center to physically torture and beat me. One month later, I was transferred to Pulandian City Mental Hospital, where I was imprisoned with mental patients who had a history of murder and violence. After more than a month there, seeing that I still did not give up my belief, on April 13, 2000, I was transferred to the Dalian City Forced Labor Camp without my family members being informed. I was sentenced to one year of imprisonment. Everybody knows that mental patients should not be forced to do hard labor and that normal people should not be locked up in mental hospitals. Such contradictory situations are a violation of the Chinese Constitution. In the forced labor camp, the authorities punished me with hard labor, brainwashing, and torture. They did not even allow my family members to visit me.

Finally, when I was on the verge of death, I was carried out of the labor camp on a stretcher. The hospital's diagnosis was that I suffered from cervical vertebrae fracture and paraplegia. Details of the abuse I suffered are as follows:

On the afternoon of March 19, 2001, the special team that detains Falun Gong practitioners in Dalian City Forced Labor Camp organized a large number of police, torture instruments, and ambulances with oxygen bags. One by one, practitioners were brought into a room. Inside this room, the police tried to make practitioners say that they would give up practicing Falun Gong. The police also tried to have practitioners sign a "Guarantee Statement," and they tried to make us slander our respected Teacher with dirty language. If a practitioner refused to do so, he or she would be tortured. The sound of screaming from practitioners and curses from police filled the building. Practitioners who had been tortured were lying all over the hallway. Some were spitting or drooling, and some groaned from pain. It was a terrible scene.

At 9:00 p.m., I was also dragged into that room. The police continuously tortured me until 8:00 a.m. the next morning. I don't know how many electric batons they used on me. My body was full of wounds caused by rubber clubs. My buttocks were beaten so severely that they festered. My knees were swollen from being hit, and my cervical vertebrae were broken. I spat blood and lost consciousness several times.

Once after I regained consciousness, Doctor Han Qiong inspected me and said, "He's all right. You can continue beating him." This person currently is the chief of the Dalian Forced Labor Camp Hospital. He once told my wife, "It's better if Qu Hui dies." While hitting me, police officer Qiao Wei grinned and said to those watching, "For many years my cravings have not been satisfied as much as they are now." Even when I was on the stretcher and about to be carried to the hospital, he still ruthlessly trampled on me twice. Labor camp personnel refused to acknowledge that I had been beaten, and claimed that I had injured myself. I did not injure myself after being locked up in the mental hospital for nearly two months. Nor did I injure myself when I was detained in the labor camp for one year. Does it make sense that 25 days before being released, I would intentionally injure myself?

The next morning, seeing that I was about to die, the labor camp personnel sent me to the Town Center Hospital. In the initial period of the emergency rescue procedures, the Party Committee of the labor camp and the hospital jointly issued an order not to permit my family members to visit me. Details concerning the medical equipment used for my treatment and the food I was given were agreed upon by the Party Committee of the labor camp. As for the medical expenses, they first tried to deceive my family into paying them. When my family refused, they threatened me. The labor camp party chief said to me, "Renounce Falun Gong, or else the Chinese Communist Party will not take care of you any more. Who would take care of you if that happens? You cannot afford such high expenses." I replied, "It is you who has tortured me to such a condition. You do not care about me. You can just throw me onto the street, but someone will take care of me for sure. If not Chinese people, then other nations will. I know the American and Canadian governments have already issued statements to provide humanitarian aid to Falun Gong practitioners from China who have been suffering from the persecution." The authorities didn't dare to make it widely known that they had beaten me like this. If this information was released though, they may just accuse me of "surrendering to the enemies and being a traitor" and "colluding with western anti-Chinese forces." These are the criminal tactics that they constantly use to deceive people.

Because I could not get the medical treatment that I immediately needed, my condition deteriorated and my life was in critical condition. Due to intense requests from my family, my wife was released on bail from the labor camp to care for me. (In October 2000, because she went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa, my wife was sentenced to 3 years of forced labor and imprisoned in Dalian City Forced Labor Camp.) When she saw me, I had been hospitalized for 20 days. I was extremely weak and my heart rate was up to 160 beats per minute. My lung function was failing and I was unable to breathe. My trachea was cut open and a breathing machine was inserted. My kidney function also failed and a catheterization tube was inserted. In the meantime, I had severe diarrhea and was depending on infusions to survive. I had bedsores all over my body. My buttocks had the most bedsores and the largest one was nearly 10 centimeters, stretching down to my pelvis. My vertebrae were black and exposed to the outside and exuded a very bad smell.

According to the doctor, any of the illnesses mentioned above could have taken my life. After working in a hospital for more than 10 years, my wife, who had seen and was able to stand all kinds of medical situations, almost fainted when she saw me. By then, I had already started to spit blood, my pupils were dilated, and I was in a coma. The doctor informed my family to prepare for my death. However, due to my wife's strong request and after several rescue attempts, I finally survived.

Fearing that this savage act would be exposed, the labor camp sent police and criminals to monitor me 24 hours a day. They did not allow my family members and friends to visit me. Furthermore, they threatened my wife and prohibited her from telling the truth of the situation, threatening her that she would be sent back to the labor camp. As soon as my condition stabilized, I requested to be released from the hospital and to return home. This was precisely what the authorities wished for, so they finally could let go of their responsibility for my condition. After staying in the hospital for over 50 days, I finally went home. By the time I returned home, I had already lost my job and the authorities had extorted all of my savings. I could only depend on my parents and friends to support me financially. My wife helped me to turn my body and relieve myself. In addition, she had to take care of our young daughter. I saw my daughter's timid looks and lonely facial expressions. I could not help but ask myself, was it wrong to behave according to Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, and to become healthy? Was it harmful to society? Giving up my pure belief, verbally abusing my beloved Teacher, admitting my so-called "mistake" to the guards who were crueler than wild animals, and more ignominious than hoodlums - should these be something a person with reason and dignity should do? What kind of a person did they want a good person to be reformed into with this kind of "education" and "reformation?"

After my release, we were continuously under surveillance. The police frequently came to harass us. They also threatened that they would confiscate our family's property. In the afternoon of June 25, 2002, three police officers from Taoyuan Street Local Police Station kicked our door open and rushed into our home to confiscate our personal belongings. They randomly accused us of being anti-government. We are an ordinary and kind-hearted couple, and one of us had been cruelly tortured to paraplegia. What motivation and what kind of ability did we have to act against the government? They took away everything that could be related to Falun Gong, including books and the cushions that we used for practicing the exercises. In addition, they threatened to arrest both my wife and our daughter. My wife was startled by this sudden action and felt helpless, and our daughter cried out in fear. The next day, my wife took our daughter to the local police station to ask for the return of our items that were confiscated. She said, "You did not follow any legal procedure. Without any authorization, you just broke into a civilian's house and confiscated personal property. It was an illegal act." But they arbitrarily and shamelessly replied, "This police uniform works as authorization."

On February 19, 2004, my wife went to the labor camp to pick up some necessary paperwork. The gatekeeper asked why she was there, and my wife told him. A person nearby happened to hear this and asked out of curiosity, "Is Falun Gong good?" My wife very naturally answered, "Yes." Just because of this one true word, she was arrested by the Women's Team Chief, Yuan Lingyue, who accused my wife of disrupting social order, and was detained in the local police station in front of the airport. Police officer Wang Xiangang interrogated, beat and verbally abused my wife. He completely ignored the fact that she had to take care of a seriously ill person at home. She was detained for one day. When my wife returned home in the evening, I was both thirsty and hungry and had been sweating in the bed the entire day. The lower part of my body was soaked with urine. Our daughter had been waiting for her mother to come and pick her up from daycare.

Over the past four years, I have been lying in bed every day. The torture devastated my body and I often feel enormous pain. I cannot turn my body by myself and my wife has been literally pulling out my stool with her fingers. I feel grateful for having her. I know from the depth of my heart that her sincerity, kindness and steadfastness represent the beauty of Dafa. An ordinary person could not do this. We have not violated the law, neither have we committed any crime. We only followed our belief to be good people. In any situation, even facing unfair treatment, we are still good people. Because of our practice, we feel that everywhere we go, no matter what the occasion, we should always treat other people nicely and honestly. We should have a safe living environment. Our freedoms and right to health, belief, the right to have a job, and the right to sue persons who commit crimes against us should all be protected.

Facing extreme difficulties, my wife went to various departments to request legal punishment of those who tortured me. But as of this day, no substantive result has occurred. The reason for telling everybody what has happened to us is not to obtain any donations, but to let all good people know about this in order to understand our situation and give us support. Everyone who commits evil will certainly receive severe punishment by the law, and the people's scorn.

Qu Hui, November 19, 2004

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