(Clearwisdom.net) As the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-staged Tiananmen Self-immolation Incident marked its tenth year, the CCP media resurrected and re-wound its staged self-immolation hoax in an attempt to launch another round of smear attacks on Falun Gong. However, the CCP's attempt has drawn great attention from overseas media, and led to a deeper digging into the staged self-immolation. In the process of re-exposing this hoax, the emergence of new evidence has clarified some previously obscure questions. One that noticeably stands out is the identity of a particular reporter who appeared in the series of reports on the self-immolation broadcast on CCTV's program Focal Point. The follow-up and exposure of the reporter's identity have made it impossible for the CCP's cover-up farce to be viewed with any degree of credibility.

The reporter was “Li Yuqiang,” who never showed her face on the series of programs framing and defaming Falun Gong. This series of slanderous programs was broadcast on CCP's Focal Point following the staged self-immolation. Certainly, “Li Yuqiang” is merely a pseudonym, the female reporter's real name still unknown. This Li Yuqiang is indeed a special figure, since even her identity as a reporter has not yet been confirmed.

In the CCP media reports on the self-immolation, from beginning to end, there was only Li Yuqiang, posing as a reporter. Moreover, she acted as both reporter and editor for the series of reports related to the self-immolation. This made people suspect that there was a team of writers behind Li Yuqiang. Of course, there was more than one key figure who participated in the staged self-immolation incident. For example, the photographer who videotaped the incident ten years ago has not yet been found. It is certain that the photographer is also not allowed to present himself to the public. The specific details about this person still remain a secret.

According to the latest investigation, we have learned that this “Li Yuqiang” only appeared following the self-immolation incident. Prior to the self-immolation, no one had heard of her. After the incident, her name was suddenly known to the outside world. But, it is noteworthy that during every TV interview, her face was never shown; instead, side views, back views, or darkened views were used to obscure her face. So to the outside world, Li Yuqiang's identity remains a mystery.

Journalists are public figures and many reporters welcome an opportunity to become famous, so why does she hide her real identity?

Let us look at this from another perspective: If the self-immolators were actually Falun Gong practitioners, which would have been what the CCP most wanted, why was everything handled so secretively? It should have been more than happy to have had more renowned media and reporters cover the incident. In that case, it would have been unnecessary for the CCP to manipulate and control public opinion, the public would have been able to see for themselves what Falun Gong is. However, from beginning to end in dealing with reports on this case, the CCP completely kept to its own. The CCP's monopolizing the reports is enough to reveal that it orchestrated the self-immolation. The one who took the initiative to get involved in reporting it was probably this mysterious Li Yuqiang.

Who on earth is Li Yuqiang?

A CCTV staff member recently talked to an overseas newspaper, The Epoch Times, about Li Yuqiang: “She is actually not in our establishment. Those programs that she produced, many of us actually did not like them, either. We all want to stay away from her, we're afraid of incurring bad luck. She does not often show herself [in the office] and is always secretive.”

Another CCTV staffer commented, “She was sent here by higher-ups, and we have no control over her. She has a close relationship with the central 610 Office. She specializes in producing programs slandering Falun Gong,” and, “We also have no idea of her whereabouts. We can't contact her.” Most CCTV staffers said that they did not know her or know anything about her background.

Falun Gong practitioners made a film titled “False Fire” based on the video footage of the staged self-immolation broadcast on CCTV. The film meticulously revealed the CCP's ploy. Looking into Li Yuqiang's identity ten years later is conducive to gaining a more thorough and deeper understanding of the self-immolation hoax. Why has Li Yuqiang remained invisible for so many years? Why was she so mysterious when she presented herself? Among the series of reports on the Tiananmen Self-immolation Incident, why was there only one reporter who behaved so mysteriously? Just these questions along provide an opportunity for everyone to see through the CCP's many crimes

No matter what, her identity and the mystery surrounding her will one day be exposed.