(Clearwisdom.net) Before I became a practitioner, I had a strong attachment to lust. After I obtained the Fa, I didn't take eliminating attachments very seriously and I had an affair with a married man. Compassionate Master gave me a hint, and I fell down very hard. Master also allowed me to see that a disgusting demon of lust was controlling me by using my attachment.

I suddenly woke up and stopped my shameful behavior, but the demon of lust used a variety of methods and tried to take advantage of my loopholes. Master was worried about me and arranged for the people around me to give me hints. Before my husband and I were married, my friends and family members kept watching and reminding me to prevent me from making a mistake again. But I still relaxed my main consciousness and thought that we would get married and become a legitimate couple very soon. However, cultivation is very serious and having sexual relations before one is officially married is not in accordance with the Fa's requirements. After I made a mistake, I had a splitting headache and my whole body ached. Once I realized that the demon of lust was interfering with me, all those uncomfortable feelings were eliminated.

Through constant Fa-study and after all those lessons, I finally became firm in my determination to get rid of my attachment to lust. Exposed to present day society which is full of pornography, if a practitioner is moved, all those bad beings will stay in your dimensional field, interfere with you and amplify your attachment. When you think about those things or when you are attracted by beautiful women or handsome men or even admire someone's looks, then the attachment of lust or jealousy is interfering with you.

This is also the case when showing off in front of people with the opposite sex, talking to others in a flirtatious manner, wearing "sexy" clothes or listening to dirty jokes. Such behaviors will indeed attract the demon of lust to persecute you and make you feel uncomfortable. None of these are natural reactions or appropriate behavior for a practitioner. As a practitioner, nothing happens "naturally", there is always a reason related to our cultivation state. A practitioner shouldn't allow his/her heart to be moved by any temptation, otherwise it will cause demonic interference in their cultivation.

Distinguish the Attachment of Lust From Affection for Family

After a period of Fa study, looking inward and xinxing cultivation, I thought my attachment of lust had almost been eliminated and that I had less and less desire. My husband is not a practitioner, yet for all these years, we have slept separately. When I am full of righteous thoughts, he does not think of having sexual relations. Sometimes we can live harmoniously for several months. However, if I felt bad for him and that I wasn't fulfilling my obligations as a wife, my husband would suddenly feel deprived and have a strong desire.

After sexual activity I always felt very weak and dizzy. One day, I was suddenly allowed to see that even when a married couple are doing such things, the demon of lust vomits many dirty things onto the practitioner. Any uncomfortable feelings a practitioner has happens for a reason.

Through looking inward I came to realize more and more clearly that practicing cultivation is most serious. The energy scattered from our bodies easily restrains the bad thoughts everyday people have, and when our thoughts are pure they won't feel anger or resentment. In our righteous energy field an ordinary person feels refreshed and energetic. If we're moved by sentimentality or think about things with human notions, we not only harm ourselves, but we are also affecting the people around us.

Remarriage Among Practitioners is Also Demonic Interference

There is a practitioner who is over 50 years old. After her husband died, she lived with a man who was the same age but they did not get married. Later, she had severe disease symptoms. Another practitioner reminded her: For a practitioner this is inappropriate behavior. They were not married, so living together was inappropriate. Later, they broke up because of personality clashes. Afterward, the practitioner's disease symptoms alleviated.

Other practitioners admonished her not to get married again, but she insisted. She married a man of similar age. Not long after, severe symptoms of illness recurred, and she was even sent to the hospital because of nonstop bleeding. Practitioners realized that the demon of lust was persecuting her, so we sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the demonic interference and her attachment to lust. Later, she became better.

I believe that suffering loneliness after one's husband or wife has died is a form paying off karma. A person should only marry once. If the person marries again, he or she fails to repay their karmic debt. As practitioners we should conduct ourselves according to a higher standard and judge things based on the principles of the universe.

There is another practitioner couple who were over 70 years old and they still had sexual relations. Not long ago, one of them suddenly died without any disease symptoms. But the husband still wanted to find a partner and he thought that if he married an ordinary person, he could help her to obtain the Fa and then they could cultivate together. He wrote down his thoughts and shared them with other practitioners. One elder practitioner thought he had reached a high level in cultivation. But from my understanding of the Fa he was looking for an excuse for his attachment of lust.

Fa-rectification has reached the final stage. All diligent Dafa disciples are assisting Master in Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings. If practitioners are still finding excuses for their attachments instead of eliminating them, it's time for them to wake up before too many losses are incurred. The time is very urgent, if those practitioners still wouldn't let go of their attachments, it will be too late for them to regret.

Above is my personal understanding and enlightenment. I welcome practitioners pointing out anything that is improper.