(Minghui.org) The Dafa of the universe has been imparted in the human world, gradually breaking through the shell of mankind's ignorance and greed. People who still harbor kindness and enlightenment have sensed Dafa's mighty virtue, gradually become aware of the true meaning of being a human, started cultivation by following Dafa's universal principle of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance, obtained genuine knowledge everyday people cannot understand or imagine, and understood how tiny man is in contrast to the vast universe, Dafa's profoundness, and Master's benevolent compassion.

In seven short years, Dafa has spread widely. Over 100 million people have enlightened to the truth and established a piece of pure land in the human world. They bear no grudge or hatred, have no desire or pursuit. They quietly cultivate themselves and treat others with kindness. How could such people "destabilize" a society? If someone suspects this group of people, he or she must be contributing to the instability.

For the Dafa of the universe to be spread in the human world today is a blessing and could be due to the predestined relationship of people having accumulated virtue and done good deeds. In seeking personal gain, some politicians, driven by the desire for power and greed, would rather destroy the opportunity people have acquired after cultivating over many lifetimes, and would rather sabotage Dafa. They have let the desire for power obscure their wisdom, not giving any thought to all the bad deeds they will have to pay for at a later time.

To those who bring chaos to the human world: You are destroying virtue and kindness. What awaits you is endless misery. It is time for your wake-up call. Dafa cultivators have appealed repeatedly out of compassion for your life rather than their fear of the power you wield.

Those of us who live outside of China hope that our mother country will become prosperous and strong. We hope that certain leaders do not place themselves above the law, do not damage the great achievements since the reform and opening up, and do not ignore national interests.

Within a month after the two central general offices published their notices, things suddenly changed. People cannot help but be reminded of the different campaigns during the Cultural Revolution. Arbitrary changes in words and deeds severely damage the image of the leadership, which alienates the Chinese population outside of China that is concerned about policy change. Have you thought about this? Are you not concerned about this at all? In fact, some leaders know about Dafa and are aware that we are good people. Given this, it is hard to understand how the suppression of cultivators has been allowed to escalate as it has. If we cultivators were intimated by this attack and suppression, we would not be Dafa cultivators.

We all arrive in this world with a cry, and no one can escape birth, aging, illness, or death. Some have to arrange things in the future at the end of their days. If at this time when Dafa is being manifest in the human world, you sabotage Dafa because of materials interests, heaven will not tolerate it. When you truly realize the seriousness of heavenly principles, it will be too late for remorse. History and the Fa principles will eventually hand down a just and permanent judgment on each person.

Why now, when our motherland faces natural and manmade disasters and worries from within and outside of our borders, would Dafa cultivators be viewed as dissidents? We number in the hundreds of millions, and whatever tribulations we encounter, we take them as part of our cultivation and handle them with Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance. We have obtained Dafa, which in turn has brought us mental and physical health and fundamentally raised our moral standards. We therefore contribute in a positive way to our country's development. If someone wants to attack, sabotage, and defame this unique and precious opportunity that is Dafa, we definitely will not act as if it is not our concern.

The TV program produced by the Wuhan Television Station has defamed the founder of Falun Gong. To those involved in this production: Ask yourself why you did it and if you have any traces of kindness and conscience left. The three towns in Wuhan are facing a huge flood. You do not alleviate the troubles of the local people and do not help the central leadership calm the situation. Instead, out of selfish desires, you are sabotaging Dafa. This time a year ago, so many Falun Dafa disciples' names appeared on Wuhan Television. They donated money and materials, contributing to the safety of rthe esidents in the three towns. The kindness of Falun Dafa cultivators was documented and shown to all. One truly has to wonder whether your human nature is still there when you persecute kind people by resorting to such defamation.

This is a "wake-up call" for certain leaders in China. Awaken to your kind thoughts, reflect on what it means to be human, and return to your true nature. Only if you "wake up" can you avoid being eliminated when the universe's Fa fully manifests in the human world.

We again appeal to certain leaders in China: Do not be fooled by a handful people with ulterior motives and immediately stop the escalating nationwide suppression of Falun Gong. Falun Gong disciples and others around the world are watching what you do and what is happening in mainland China. Do not lift a rock only to drop it on your own toes.

Minghui Editorial Board July 19, 1999

Published July 19, 1999

Updated September 21, 2003