(Minghui.org) After the events in Tianjin and at the Zhongnanhai compound, the Falun Gong cultivation environment in mainland China is changing with each passing day. This has garnered international attention. The new, severe situation has become a merciless test on the path of each genuine disciple's ascending to higher realms.

Some senior leaders in the Chinese government have been easily led to believe in the lies made up by a few conspirators, who have instigated the state media to launch a media campaign and directed all levels of government agencies to suppress Falun Gong. The cultivation environment in mainland China is being quickly eroded. These few people have turned white into black, made up things out of thin air, and started rumors to fool the Party members, government and military officials, and the general public who are not aware of the facts about Falun Gong. They have stooped to new levels, such as threatening people with the loss of their jobs and pensions, to coerce grassroots units to assist in wrongful deeds in order to force the vast numbers of cultivators to give up cultivation and their pursuit of and belief in truth.

Just how does Falun Gong affect "social stability?” Is it really “a pseudo science of superstition that does not benefit people's mental or physical health?” Is Falun Gong “an extremely reactionary organization that connects domestic and international reactionary forces and domestic and international reactionaries and aims at undermining socialism, sabotaging our country's economic development, and overthrowing the leadership of a certain party?”

As for the “final judgment” in official documents communicated to organizations in mainland China, people who still harbor kind thoughts and rationality and who have not been blinded will not simply give up after thinking it over calmly. Hundreds of millions of cultivators and our families and friends will not forget the paths we have walked, step by step, improving ourselves by practicing Dafa. Facts remain facts. Gone are the days that “a lie becomes the truth after repeating it 1,000 times.” Dark clouds cannot block the sunshine for long.

As human morality faces total collapse, what does the spreading of Falun Dafa mean for the world? At this historic moment, how can each of us be truly responsible for ourselves? In fact, this is the core question that everyone should calm down and think about rationally. No matter what a person does, he has to bear all the consequences at some time in the future. “Dong good deeds is rewarded, and being evil is met with evil returns” is a universal Fa principle. This will not change, whether mankind accepts it or not. “When all sentient beings treasure Dafa, they are treasuring their own lives...” (“Definitive Conclusion”)

As Dafa's genuinely cultivating disciples, we keep in mind at all times that we are cultivating Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance. As long as our hearts that are committed to solid cultivation remain undisturbed, we will be able to temper ourselves despite the difficult environment that is constantly changing, and we will have the courage and strength to handle all that is to occur.

Dafa cultivators actions and behavior have positively shaped the environment for our solid cultivation and for mankind to obtain the Fa. We are compassionate and seek to persuade people to be kind, yet we absolutely will not let our hearts be perturbed because someone does not want to be persuaded by the universe's Fa principles or does not want to follow the guidance of kindness. Despite any kind of difficulty or pain, regardless of any kind of interference, and in the face of any calamity, our hearts of safeguarding the Fa and solidly cultivating will not change for even a single moment.

A cultivator's heart of selflessness and forbearance in the face of any tribulation in his pursuit of the truth he believes in will break through and transcend all barriers in the human world. This will write a brilliant new chapter in the dissemination of Dafa in the human world, of mankind's history, and of the future of the universe.

Minghui Commentator July 15, 1999

Published July 15, 1999

Updated June 28, 2004