(Minghui.org) Since the founding of the Minghui website, we have received in a few short days hundreds of submissions and letters from Dafa cultivators from all over. We appreciate this very much. Below are explanations addressing some common inquiries from our readers.

Recently, more and more Dafa disciples have written down their heartfelt feelings to share, so that more people can understand Dafa and Dafa cultivators from a positive perspective. The Minghui website has come into being to, in a timely and systematic way, report on students' experiences in solid cultivation, their touching accounts of restoring health and coming back from the brink of death, scientist cultivators' understanding of Dafa as a true science, Party members' being spiritually uplifted, how everyone is looking at the major events and developments in their lives from a cultivator's perspective, etc.

Due to limitations in the current circumstances, the initial plan is to be an electronic journal with no fixed publishing schedule. New articles will be added as they arrive, while old articles will be categorized for easy search and review. No print copies will be distributed. In addition, the Minghui website is available at all times.

To avoid causing any inconvenience to writers, we will remove names and other personal information. We welcome articles that present views from even wider perspectives, so that, together, we will make this journal a success.

Thank you all!

Minghui Editorial Board June 28, 1999

Published June 28, 1999

Updated August 17, 2004