(Minghui.org) Dafa has been embraced far and wide. The people of the world with predestined relationships are pleased to obtain the Fa. They are on a journey to a new life after reaping the rewards of tremendous physical and mental improvements. The breakthroughs in levels and realms are more rapid than one can imagine.

Yet the paths of cultivation are difficult. This is a given for someone who is filled with greed and desire and loaded with karma. To reach that incomparably magnificent realm, there have to be difficulties and barriers. What we aim at does not lie in this world. Here we are just selfless human beings with no ego.

As a matter of fact, a cultivator takes everything lightly. What is most important, incomparably solemn, and magnificent is to reach consummation as soon as possible. Nothing that one encounters in everyday life is coincidental. Tribulations, bumps, and setbacks all provide us an environment for us to cultivate solidly.

Since the day Master started imparting the Fa, there have been storms and disturbances along the way. They serve to establish the grand virtue of Dafa. We have obtained the Fa in the process of Fa rectification, which is bound to be accompanied by tempestuous and shocking events. All these we take as our environment for solid cultivation, and as prerequisites for accumulating mighty virtue and transcending to higher realms.

Minghui Commentator July 21, 1999

Published July 21, 1999

Updated September 21, 2003