(Clearwisdom.net) Through Teacher's hints, I came to understand the deeper meaning of "one body."

One day when I was doing the sitting meditation, I felt that I was flying upward. After a while, I saw a huge boat-shaped subject. I flew toward it at high speed. However, I was unable to reach it and stopped nearby. Teacher appeared and took me the rest of the way. I then knew that it was the Fa boat. Teacher did not speak but only quietly looked downward. I looked in that direction and surprisingly saw the status of Dafa practitioners' cultivation- some were spreading the words that hurt other practitioners, others were doing the three things with disgruntled feeling (mostly human notions and attachments). One policeman told a practitioner that they would arrest practitioners in several days and that they should stop whatever they were doing. This practitioner spread the words without any righteous thoughts. I also saw myself busy as ordinary people and did not know to be diligent. I turned back and saw Teacher's face with anxiety and urgency. It was the kind of urgency that I could not ordinarily feel.

I saw two "Gods" were also looking downward. One told the other, "Look, what are they doing?" The other replied, "That's exactly the state that I want them to be in." I then realized that they were old forces. I sent forth strong righteous thoughts- you are not allowed to persecute my fellow practitioners. You are not capable of doing it. Although they have not ascended, they have Dafa and Teacher. When our whole body ascend, you are the one who will die. Now that I saw you, I will eliminate you right now. At that moment, I saw Teacher was turning back his head and looking at me. He smiled at me. I felt that sending forth righteous thoughts for fellow practitioners is safeguarding our whole body! This is also the manifestation of believing in Dafa and Teacher.

This reminded me of some common problems among us as one body. Many practitioners treat other's shortcomings with human notions and directly or indirectly spread hurtful words, causing pressure to those who have not been diligent. This internally weakens the power of the whole body. By harming others and oneself, he is doing something that evil loves to see. If we all can treat fellow practitioners' shortcomings with compassion and righteous thoughts, help, believe in them and tolerate them, we can form an indestructible whole body. This is what the old forces fear most.

Although I knew this principle before, Teacher directly hinted to me again and made me firmly believe it. Teacher asks us to step forward and study the Fa together, therefore we can find each other's shortcomings, treat them with righteous thoughts so that we can improve rapidly as a whole, and every practitioner can carry out the power of righteous thought as a particle within the larger body as a whole. This is the key to eliminate evil in other dimensions. Evil forces are afraid of us and take advantage of our human notions to drive us apart. We need to firmly believe in the power and capabilities Teacher gives us; that is, righteous thoughts.

Fellow practitioners, please let go of our attachments so that more sentient beings can be saved. Let's harmonize our whole body.