(Clearwisdom.net) About a month ago, I suddenly had a fever, cough, sore throat, backache, and diarrhea. I even had beriberi, which caused severe itching and seriously interfered with my doing the three things well. I understood that it was an interference and decided not to acknowledge it. I insisted on studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts, and clarifying the truth. From the past few years' of Fa-rectification cultivation and under Teacher's guidance, I understood the Fa's principle of looking inward whenever I encountered tribulations. I realized that I might have some loopholes that had been taken advantage of. Where was the loophole? I seriously looked inward.

I paid special attention to Fa study and persevered in studying the Fa every day. No matter how busy or how tired I was, I always put Fa study as my first priority. I also participated in group Fa study. I conscientiously sent forth righteous thoughts and never slacked off. Ever since the move to withdraw from the evil CCP and its youth organizations began, I insisted on talking about it when I "clarified the truth." I tried to persuade people to withdraw from CCP and its related organizations. I helped many of my friends and relatives withdraw. I also explained the truth about Falun Gong and persuaded strangers to quit the the CCP. Almost every day I traveled the streets and lanes to save more sentient beings. Whether it was a well dressed young woman or a plainly dressed one, a cadre from the country or a college, high school, middle school, or an elementary student, I was pretty good at chatting with them and telling them the facts about Falun Gong and persuading them to withdraw from CCP. I tried my best to do the "three things" well. Then, where was my loophole? If I had no loophole, the evil would not dare to touch me. I suddenly remembered that when I began to have the fever and cough, I had had a dream. In the dream, I saw several men. I understood that it was a hint from Teacher. I had loophole in clarifying the truth to male strangers.

I am a woman. I normally did not clarify the truth to men I didn't already know. I thought there wasn't much chance that a man would believe in divine beings. If he did not accept the idea of withdrawing from the CCP, he might report me to the police. Some of them might even be police. If I did not have a very strong righteous mind, I might be arrested. Therefore, I was not willing to clarify the truth and encourage men to withdrawal from the CCP. If I have this loophole, I should rectify it and keep anything from taking advantage of me.

When I thought about clarifying the truth to men, I felt a great deal of pressure and was not sure how to do it. I carefully studied Teacher's Fa. It untied the knot in my mind. Teacher's Fa clearly tells us that the true nature of this persecution is not one group of people persecuting another group of people. The truth is that some people that are being controlled by evil in other dimensions. The universe is going through rectification and the celestial bodies are going through reorganization. Those that are being eliminated are evil beings and factors that are damaging Dafa. What we are saving are the immeasurable and boundless sentient beings.

On one occasion when I was explaining the facts, I was reported to and detained by the police. Because I maintained a righteous thought and righteous behavior and I did not admit the arrangement of the old forces, I escaped the forced labor camp under Teacher's protection and compassion. I personally witnessed the power of righteous thoughts and actions. A lot of evil beings are gathered together in the forced labor camps. When practitioners maintain righteous thoughts and actions, they will be able to dissolve the evil and break through. The environment outside of the forced labor camp is much more relaxed. Then what should I be afraid of? In clarifying the truth, the most critical thing is not whether the person we are speaking to is male or female, righteous thoughts is what we need. First of all, let's not think about whether or not it is likely that a male would believe in divine beings or whether he is a police officer. We should first think that he is a human being. Once we use Dafa practitioner's righteous thoughts and eliminate those evils beings controlling him, he will be restricted by a practitioner's strong power and then acknowledge Dafa, withdraw from the CCP and its related organizations, and be saved.

When I focused on the Fa, I would have stronger righteous thoughts and I would become more settled. I also realized that I still had some attachment to fear, which prevented me from clarifying the truth to and trying to persuade male strangers to withdraw from the CCP. Being afraid is a major attachment, one that each and every Dafa practitioner needs to face and get rid of. If we do not get rid of the attachment of fear, we will not be able to save sentient beings and fulfill our prehistoric pledge. Only if we break through our human notions and step forward will we be able to get rid of it during our process of validating the Fa and saving sentient beings.

Teacher's Fa made me clear and rationale. I decided to break through the distraction of not being able to clarify the truth to male strangers. I wanted to be more efficient and to save more sentient beings. I concentrated more on my Fa study and Fa reciting. I would get up at 2 a.m. and begin sending forth righteous thoughts. I continued to look for predestined people every day while traveling the streets and lanes. I began to focus on male strangers. The first male stranger to whom I clarified the truth was a man in his 30s. While he was walking down the sidewalk, I walked over and began chatting with him by asking him directions about how to get someplace. He gave me detailed directions. After chatting with him for a short while, I began to clarify the truth to him and persuaded him to withdraw. He agreed to withdraw from the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers and also asked me to help his family members to quit. This good start gave me confidence and encouragement.

Once I met a large man in his 40s. I smiled at him and greeted him. After chatting with him a little bit, I began to clarify the truth and persuaded him to withdraw. He said he was a CCP member and agreed to quit the CCP and choose a better future for himself. He told me that his brothers and sisters were all CCP members and also want to quit the CCP and its related organizations. I told him to ask them to do so. He agreed and thanked me for clarifying the truth to him. When I saw happiness on the faces of some saved sentient beings, I felt very happy, too.

As I clarified the truth and sought to persuade people to withdraw from the CCP, I finally broke through the distraction of clarifying the truth to men. Now, most of the people that I clarify the truth are men I meet on the street. Among them, some have been cadres, teachers, college students, farmers, business owners, those who are looking for jobs, etc. On the cultivation road of Fa rectification, I took another big step. This is the result of Dafa's mighty power and Teacher's benevolent salvation. I cannot express in words my sincere appreciation toward our great Teacher. I will continue to follow Teacher's requirement to doing the three things well and value our precious time which goes away so quickly. I will remember our Dafa practitioners' sacred mission and seize the time to save more sentient beings.

The above is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out any mistakes.