Story One

In a labor camp, a practitioner focused all his attention on reading Teacher Li's articles. Suddenly a few policemen rushed into his cell and started searching. At first the practitioner was very nervous. He thought, "What if they find Teacher's articles and take them away from me?" As soon as he had this thought, he felt such a severe pain that he was even unable to stand up straight. At this moment he immediately realized that he should treat his own cultivation practice with an open and upright attitude under any circumstance. The moment he had such a righteous thought, his pain disappeared. He calmed down again and put Teacher's articles under his bed cover. The police searched the entire cell and finally found nothing of interest.

Story Two

One day when this practitioner was reading Teacher's new articles again, the police made a surprise search of his cell. This time just when he started worrying that the police might find Master Li's articles, he again developed a severe pain. He immediately cleaned such thoughts from his mind. But he had no time to hide the articles. All of the cellmates were standing on their beds, waiting to be searched by the police. The practitioner behaved more calmly than the last time. He slowly moved down from his upper bunk and placed the articles inside the bed covers of a lower bunk bed in front of all the cellmates and policemen. All those people looked as if they saw nothing, then the search suddenly ended.

Story Three

One day a practitioner brought a VCD player and a few VCDs to a person's home to clarify the truth about Falun Gong. A guest had been deceived by the government's propaganda and lies so deeply that he did not believe in Falun Dafa at all. As the guest was about to slander Falun Gong, this practitioner started sending forth his righteous thoughts. Then the guest immediately stopped speaking.

When the practitioner was setting up the VCD player, he found a part missing and the VCD player could not be plugged into the power outlet. At this moment, this practitioner was not upset at all. He calmly started sending forth his righteous thoughts. Then the miracle occurred with the VCD player. With this VCD player that lacked one plug--in unit, he showed all the truth--clarifying VCDs to the people there.

May 22, 2003