May 25, 2003


Many Falun Dafa practitioners are illegally detained in the Gaoleng Detention Center of the Fangzheng Forest Department in Heilongjiang Province. They are on hunger strike to protest the illegal detention.

Since July 20, 1999, the lawless officials in Fangzheng Forest department have been closely following Jiang's group to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. One of the detained practitioners, Li Hongkui, 46 years old, was illegally sentenced to one year of forced labor more than three years ago. He was not ever sent to the labor camp. Instead, he was thrown into the Gaoleng Detention Center and he has still not been released.

The practitioners in the detention center are currently on hunger strike to protest. One practitioner was released after he was on hunger strike for over 20 days. There are three woman practitioners on hunger strike, Liu Zhiying (in her 40's), Zhu Damei, and Qu Xia. One of them was transferred to a different place when her health became a little better. The other two practitioners are now in hospital, their lives in danger.

The criminals include:

Party Secretary: Zhao Guanghui: 86-451-7194998 (Office), 86-451-7197567 (Home), cell phone: 86-13091887888

Director of "610 Office" and Vice Party Secretary: Jiang Feng: 86-451-7194487 (Office), 86-451-7194598 (Home), Cell phone:86-13303616598

Assistant Director of "610 Office" and Vice Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee: Shi Qinglin, 86-451-7194894 (Office), 86-451-7194065 (Home)

The director of National Defense Department: Han Dongyi (This person is very evil. He takes the lead to illegally arrest Dafa practitioners.)

Secretary of Street Office: Li Xuefang (female), (This person illegally arrested 4-5 practitioners in the street in order to increase her wage.): 86-451-7193747 (Office), 86-451-7197348 (Home)