The Department of Administration and Security of Changyi District's Public Security Bureau in Jilin City, Jilin Province was afraid that the facts of the persecution of Falun Gong practitioner Wang Minli would be exposed. To cover up their crimes, they worked with Jilin City Hospital and had Ms. Wang's trachea cut under the pretense of "medical treatment." Their real goal was to stop her from talking and exposing their crimes.

Currently the injury in her chest has been wrapped up. When her family went to see her, they asked about the cause of her injury. The police of the department lied to her family, claiming that Wang Minli jumped from a building and two of her ribs were broken. But when Wang was asked whether she got the injury from jumping off the building, she shook her head "no." She pointed to the police and signaled that it was caused by the brutal beatings from the police. Also, there was a chance that there might be other serious injuries at the place where her chest was wrapped up. Under these circumstances, her family asked to examine her injury. However, the police refused. Since Wang Minli's trachea was surgically cut, she has not been able to talk or move around. All she can do is lie in bed. She is also unable to eat, and her life is being sustained by infusions. She is in critical condition.

Du Xingze, head of the Department of Administration and Security of Changyi District's Public Security Bureau, who has had his evil deeds exposed on Clearwisdom.net twice, has not changed at all and still continues to commit crimes. He tried to extort medical fees from Wang Minli's family. His demands were angrily rejected by her family. The police however, did not stop there and decided to use a master key to enter Wang Minli's mother's home. They tried to arrest Wang's mother and sister, who are also Falun Gong practitioners. They did not succeed, but it forced her mother and her sister to leave home and go from place to place to avoid the persecution. No one is left to take care of the two children, so they also had to leave home. Such a good family was broken apart. The police at the department did not stop there and went to harass all of Wang Minli's relatives in the city.

Parties responsible for persecuting Wang Minli:

Changyi District's Public Security Bureau:
The Police Operation Office: (86) 432-2485162
Main Criminal Du Xingze: Cell Phone: (86) 13843256771
Department of Administration and Security of Changyi District's Public Security Bureau: Phone: (86) 432-2485537

Jilin City Hospital:
24-Hour Duty Telephone: (86) 432-2568973

May 24, 2003