(Minghui.org) I recently helped another Falun Dafa practitioner overcome an illness karma tribulation and I would like to share my experience with you.

I went to the practitioner’s home and helped send righteous thoughts for him with other practitioners. His pain intensified around ten o’clock that night, and most people present were emotionally moved because they were his immediate family members. Only two of us had no immediate family relationship with him.

My heart was calm, and I had only one thought: “Master has the final say for this practitioner. I’m just doing what I am supposed to do.” I was not moved by the situation and didn’t plan to stop sending righteous thoughts until the interference in other dimensions was eliminated. After two hours his condition stabilized so we left.

Some practitioners later said that my righteous thoughts were strong that day—but I knew it was because of Master’s reinforcement. When they later mentioned the episode, they always commended me. Every time I heard this I repeatedly reminded myself not to have any show off mentality or complacency.

I was in contact with practitioners in another city, and we discussed their experiences and understandings based on the Fa, and how they improved their xinxing. Listening to their experiences greatly helped me improve, so I occasionally talked about my cultivation experiences with local practitioners. We hoped to learn from each other and improve.

For some reason, my state of sending righteous thoughts in the following days was particularly poor. My legs were in severe pain and I was unable to keep them up in the lotus position for even 15 minutes. I was also unable to concentrate. Fortunately we read the Fa a lot and sent righteous thoughts together.

Once, after sending righteous thoughts we read the Fa. When it was my turn to read Zhuan Falun, as soon as I opened the book I read “The Mentality of Showing Off.” I asked myself, “Do I have the mentality of showing off?” When I looked within I was surprised to notice that the mentality of showing off was hidden. When I dug deeper, I noticed that the mentality of showing off was cunning and insidious and not easily detected.

When I discussed my experiences with other practitioners, although my motive was pure, the mentality of showing off was there in my tone of voice or facial expression.

After I identified my attachment and how it manifested I had the powerful thought to eliminate the mentality of showing off. I immediately sat down and began to send righteous thoughts for one hour. Even though I crossed both legs I did not feel any pain. Instead my body felt relaxed and my thoughts were focused.

In the following days, I also found my attachment of impatience and to comfort. My body and mind have undergone great changes.

Master taught us,

“With a change in character will come a significant change in your body; physical changes in your body are guaranteed to accompany positive changes in your mind.” (The First Talk, Zhuan Falun)

I have a deeper understanding of the above Fa. It made me realize how wonderful looking inward is, and the profound changes it brings practitioners, just as Master said. Through my experiences my determination to practice diligently has been strengthened.

At the final leg of the Fa-rectification, I will do well in reading the Fa, sending righteous thoughts, and saving sentient beings.