(Minghui.org) One day during my Fa study, I learned:

“It is a case of one’s mind having been taken over by an entity from another dimension. And yet people may think it’s a great thing, be pleased to experience it, and be happy about it. Yet the happier they are, the tighter that entity’s grip on them becomes. I think you would have to agree it’s not befitting a practitioner to let something like that control you. And besides, those entities come from awfully low realms. Since we are people engaged in true spiritual practice, we don’t want to invite that kind of trouble.” (The Third Talk, Zhuan Falun)

I was shocked after reading this, and I enlightened to a lot at that moment. I recalled a dream I had a few days prior, where I dreamed that my house was gilded, and everything inside was the color orange. My body was orange, and so was the comforter. Suddenly out of my comforter came two beings, the big one was more than two feet long, and the little one was more than a foot; they were shaped like giant rats. The big one had a rope tied around its neck, more than ten feet long, very thick and snowy white. Both beings were orange.

Discovering Attachments

I remember the process. I looked inward a few days ago when I woke up. Those days, I felt that I was not in good health. My family environment was tense. My husband had said things that badly irritated me, and my heart was moved. I looked inward and found many attachments.

The two biggest attachments were resentment toward my husband and feeling deep anxiety about my family. After finding these attachments, I asked myself, “Are you really cultivating?” I answered, “Yes!” But if I had indeed cultivated, I would have eliminated these attachments. Why did I still have them after ten years of cultivation? I was determined to eliminate them, and I did. My health improved, as well as my home environment also improved immediately. My husband said to me, “How can you speak and act for the sake of others?” I said, “That’s the way it should be. However, I didn’t handle it that way in the past.”

If the dream was the result, my looking inward was what caused it. Aren’t the two giant beings representing my two attachments? The big being had a rope around its neck. Doesn’t that represent my deep anxiety about my family? Look at the dog walker walking on the street, holding one end of the rope in his hand and hanging the other end around the dog’s neck. Aren’t these two giant beings the two big attachments I found?

I discovered the two attachments, and removed them. There was not place for them, so they ran away.

I also remembered another incident. I went to see an elderly practitioner who was suffering from sickness karma. She said she couldn’t let go of her sentimentality toward her little grandson. I said, “You have to let it go.” Unfortunately, she passed away shortly after that. There are many reasons why Dafa disciples leave this human world. Some of them died because their attachments had not been removed after a long time.

As Dafa disciples during the Fa-rectification period, we all know that Fa-rectification is coming to an end. We know what level our cultivation should reach and how many attachments we should let go. We can no longer allow our attachments (those beings) to tease and destroy us, let alone allow our attachments to take our lives, thus disregarding Master’s suffering and the longing of all sentient our beings!