(Minghui.org) After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) announced the death of its former leader Jiang Zemin on November 30, many people could not help but celebrate this event. Below are four reports received by Minghui.

Virtual Fireworks

I live in Jiangxi Province and my husband is a retired teacher. We were both happy to learn of Jiang’s death. On December 1, my husband told me many people in his teachers’ WeChat group were also excited by the news. He showed me a post from a friend in Zhangshu City, Jiangxi Province. It was a virtual fireworks to celebrate Jiang’s death.

Virtual fireworks on WeChat

The friend wrote, “The old thief [referring to Jiang] should have been gone a long time ago.”

“Too Bad That Good People Like You Suffered So Much”

Yuan is a Falun Gong practitioner in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. Because she practices Falun Gong, her employer fired her years ago.

On the evening of December 1, a former coworker called her.

“Congratulations! Congratulations!” called out the coworker after the phone was connected.“What do you mean?” Yuan asked.“You know someone died yesterday. Isn’t it great?!” replied the coworker. Knowing Yuan’s phone was likely tapped by the police, he did not mention Jiang’s name.

Yuan laughed and thanked him. The two then chatted for half an hour.

“Too bad that good people like you suffered so much because of him [Jiang],” added the coworker before hanging up, “Nobody [in the workplace] wanted you to leave, but those people [from 610 Office] kept pressuring our management to fire you. This guy [Jiang] should have died a long time ago.”

Comments Section Forced to Close

After the news of Jiang’s death was announced on November 30, there were two common reactions. One was that he should have died years ago. Another was lamenting that they won’t see Jiang on trial and be punished while alive.

Because so many people in my local area shared their thoughts about the news, the local authorities and the internet police ended up blocking the comments section of the local online forum and social media news feed. “Look, the toad [a well-known moniker given to Jiang in China] even harms us after his death – the government does not allow us to speak our mind on the internet,” one person said while pointing at his phone screen.

Not Enough Fireworks

My husband is a sports fan and he hardly talks with me when he's watching games. On the evening of November 30, he came to my home office in the middle of a World Cup soccer game with a big smile.

“What’s going on?” I asked, perplexed.“Jiang is dead!” he said happily.

My husband is a government employee. He knew how Jiang and the CCP had persecuted innocent Falun Gong practitioners like me over the years. He was elated that the initiator of the persecution had finally died.

Both of us thought of celebrating with fireworks, but then we realized that the CCP had banned setting off fireworks in major cities five years ago. What should we do? Then I remembered seeing fireworks in my granddaughter’s toys a while ago. I went to check – oh yes! There were two rolls of fireworks. I immediately lit one of them.

I did not light the second roll, though. I will save it until the CCP is disintegrated and we can celebrate once and for all.