(Minghui.org) Upon learning of Jiang Zemin’s death on November 30, many Chinese set off fireworks to celebrate. On December 5, my husband showed me videos of fireworks in a residential area in Tianjin, which had many likes and comments.

Someone asked in the comments section what people were celebrating. A person responded, “96! (Jiang was 96 when he died.)” Although many comments were later deleted by the Internet police, below are some screenshots of the discussion.

Here are some more examples of the comments captured.

“It’s [the news of Jiang’s death] really exciting!”“One can’t go against the public voice!”“It drives away evil spirits.”“I’m excited to hear the sound of the firecrackers.”“I also want to set off fireworks.”“We should do it more to eliminate the evil spirits.”“Well done!”“What a happy day it is!”“The world is celebrating.”“The public has spoken.”“This is what we should do as real Chinese.”“It heals my depression.”“The evil fears the most.”“Let’s do it!”“Celebration!”“Heroes!”