(Minghui.org) I started cultivating in 1996. During the past 20 years, I have walked smoothly on the cultivation path with Master Li's (Dafa’s founder) guidance and protection.

Letting Go of the Attachment to Money

I used to be a preschool teacher. After I was fired from my job due to my faith, I opened a preschool. I taught children to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. These children at my school are well mannered, and do not curse or fight. Many parents send their kids to my school, and many elementary school teachers like to accept the kids that graduate from here. 

I clarified the truth to all the parents, and convinced many of them to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. I was reported three times by the parents who refused to learn the truth, but with Master’s protection, I did not face any real danger. 

Later, I ran a preschool with a fellow practitioner. We made a lot of money. However, this made me develop an attachment to money. I spent too much time on making money, and very little on Fa-study. My fellow practitioner was worried about me. She talked to me many times, asking me to get rid of the attachment and hurry up to clarify the truth and save people. 

I knew this was Master Li (Dafa’s founder) using her to give me a hint. She studied the Fa very well and cultivated diligently. I saw my problem and decided to devote the whole time to help more people understand the truth about Dafa. So, I thought about closing the business. She agreed without hesitating, so we sold the preschool. 

She now has a lot of time to study the Fa. She has memorized Zhuan Falun seven times and does the three things well. 

Master said, 

“All sentient beings are waiting to be saved, and I can tell you something certain. If Dafa disciples don’t act to save them, those people, no matter in what corner of the world they may be, will have no hope unless you go to save them.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the NTDTV Meeting,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. IX)

Before our area obtained truth-clarifying materials from another town. Now that the preschool is closed, I have time to operate a materials production site at home. With the practitioners’ help, I bought the equipment and supplies. I overcame all kinds of difficulties and learned some basic skills, such as how to download and print materials. 

I was so excited the first time I made my own materials. I and fellow practitioners passed out materials to every household in my subdivision. 

We have multiple Fa-study groups in my area. Gradually, we convinced those who no longer attended group Fa-study to join us. We share after the study. Everybody improves fast. We all see that time is limited, so we take different approaches when clarifying the truth, such as calling people, talking to people face to face, and distributing Dafa materials. 

An elderly practitioner broke her leg. She refused to go to the hospital. We moved the group Fa-study to her house and sent forth righteous thoughts for her. She recovered soon, which amazed her children, and they changed their attitude towards Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong). 

Eliminate the Evil and Rescue Fellow Practitioners

A local practitioner was arrested in 2007. I, his family members and a few practitioners went to the police station, asking that he be released. We tried to clarify the truth to the police officers, while sending forth righteous thoughts. After a few minutes, a police officer called for backup, and a group of police came. They threatened to arrest all of us, because we were practitioners.

We asked for Master’s help and sent strong righteous thought—you are nothing, and you cannot touch us. We kept clarifying the truth. A police officer hit his fist on the desk, shouting, “If you say one more word, we will take you away.” Fellow practitioners smiled and talked to him with compassion. After a while, the police officer calmed down. 

He said, “Take him home. It is not easy for him.” A practitioner told him how her family has benefited from Dafa. He said, “You don’t have to tell me anymore. If you have issues in the future, contact me. I will deal with it for you.”

After a few days, the court planned to try the practitioner. The court threatened his wife, “No Falun Gong [practitioner] can attend. They will all be arrested if they come to the trial.” She was scared and asked me not to go. I knew this was a test for me and fellow practitioners. I decided not to tell practitioners the court’s words, and only follow Master’s arrangement. Master said, “...just by remaining unmoved you could handle all situations.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Canada Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. V)

On the day of the trial I took more than 10 practitioners and their family members to the trial. 

The previous night, I could not fall asleep. A negative thought kept jumping into my mind: “the court said they will arrest us if we show up. Fellow practitioners don’t know about it. What if they really get caught?”

Then I realized that I should not hold such a negative thought at this key moment. It is not my true self. I only want righteous thoughts, no human notion. I am doing the most righteous thing, so nobody is allowed to interfere with me.

The atmosphere in the court was not pleasant. Many police officers were there. I sat in the second row. It was quiet. When the arrested practitioner saw us, he straightened up his body right away. I could tell that he developed righteous thoughts.

At the trial, he defended himself with dignity. His righteousness touched everybody. Many people cried. So did I. I also wrote down the name of the guy who reported on him to the police.

After the trial, we had a group discussion and sent forth righteous thoughts for him. To expose the evil people, we passed out a letter to every household in the village where he was reported and arrested, hoping people there would not commit sins anymore. It was the first time in our area that we took action as a group to rescue the practitioner since July 20, 1999.

Another time, an elderly practitioner was arrested when clarifying the truth at a farmers' market. I told everyone to send forth righteous thoughts for him. I and a practitioner went to the police station, asking that he be released. On the way there I kept sending righteous thoughts, and reciting Master’s poem: “Compassion can harmonize Heaven and Earth, ushering in spring; Righteous thoughts can save the people in this world.” (“The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos,” Hong Yin, Vol. II) Master’s teaching gave me powerful righteous thoughts and made me feel that I was a giant. 

In the police station, we said to the chief, “An elderly Falun Gong practitioner was arrested by your people a few hours ago.” The chief said, “That is because she passed out Falun Gong materials.” I said with a smile, “Her purpose is to save people, and the content of the booklets she passed out is all true. It does not break any laws. She is so old. What good is it to arrest her?”

The chief smiled also and said, “If it does not break the law, why don’t you pass them out too?” Another police officer said one of his neighbors was a practitioner, and he died because he refused to take medicine when sick. I said, “If no Falun Gong practitioner ever passes away, even you guys would want to practice. People die in the hospital too.” He didn’t say anything. 

I talked more about Falun Gong. The chief then said, “OK, you guys can go home now. I will release her later.” I said to him, “As a good person, you will be blessed.” He smiled and nodded. During the whole process, the practitioners kept sending forth righteous thoughts. 

We talked to her son, and encouraged him to talk to the police. He did. Four hours later, the practitioner was released. She even convinced the police to quit the Party. 

Through this experience, I sensed the power of compassion. 

Police Changed After Learning the Truth

A local practitioner was arrested in July 2019. We went to the police station at night. The police on duty didn’t allow us to see her, because “it was a Falun Gong case,” and we had to come back the next day.

The next day, I and fellow practitioners went there again with her mother, who is also a practitioner. We tried to clarify the truth to the police. One of them said, “Nowadays, the people that the Party tries to arrest is Falun Gong practitioners. Yet, you still dare to tell us this.” We were not touched, and continued to talk. He calmed down. 

Later more police officers came to work. I eliminated my fear. The chief asked one practitioner to talk to him in his office. After 10 minutes, the practitioner came back. She told us that in the office, she tried to clarify the truth to the chief, but the chief asked her to leave. Then, the chief also came. And I tried to talk to him. He said, “Don’t tell me this. You guys leave right now. Otherwise I will lock all of you up. You are all Falun Gong practitioners. All must leave.” 

We walked out of the station, I was frustrated, and didn’t want to go back. But, my fellow practitioners didn’t give up. We sent forth righteous thoughts for a while and asked Master to help us. I and the practitioner’s mother entered the station again.

The first person we saw was the chief. I knew this was Master’s arrangement. My mind was pure without any negative thoughts. I just greeted him. He jumped up, shouting, “Why are you still here. Go away. Go away now.” The mother asked to see her daughter, but he refused the request.

I said to him calmly, “Don’t treat this senior this way. Isn’t it normal for a mother to want to see her daughter? Her daughter is a good person and didn’t break any laws. You should make the senior feel good. Otherwise we cannot leave. Who doesn’t have parents? It is also your responsibility to tell her how her daughter has been doing.”

He relaxed, and asked for the age of her mother, who was over 80.” “Wow, you look so healthy.” The mother then told him that Falun Gong healed her heart disease. I took the chance to tell him more truth, such as how Dafa spreads in the world, and how the Chinese Constitution guarantees freedom of belief. 

I reminded him that, according to the law, he would have to take lifelong responsibility for the cases he was ever in charge of and that the United States government sanctions the Chinese officials involved in the persecution of Falun Gong and their family members.

I said, “The order of the persecution was passed down mouth-to-mouth; there is no law or official document for it. But your signatures are documented for the cases you handled. So, you need to protect yourself, and hold your conscience for a bright future. You will have to take all the responsibility for breaking the Constitution. Don’t be the scapegoat for Jiang Zemin and his followers. Another practitioner also clarified the truth to him. His face became more friendly. 

He kept videotaping us with his phone. I said, “We tell you so much for your own good. Don’t do bad things anymore.” He said, “I will stop videotaping, and delete the recordings.” He showed me the deletion. I pointed out there was still a recording kept. He said, “This is for me. I want to hear your speech again later. Your friend will be OK. I will let her go home in three or four days. You guys don’t have to worry.”

He completely changed after hearing the truth. The mother also convinced him to quit the Party. He thanked us, and told us not to worry. 

Master said,

“I heard that, in some places, practitioners have come out to do the exercises. Some students go to detention centers, police bureaus, and government offices to clarify the truth—they are even doing very well. The evil in some places really does not dare persecute Dafa disciples that severely anymore. The situation is changing, and the evil is becoming less and less. No matter what, some of them, even including those persecutors, are waiting for you to save them. Of course some have committed the most egregious sins, and perhaps they would not listen when you clarify the truth. It’s not that he does not listen; it’s Gods who do not let him listen. No matter what, however, Dafa disciples have no choice, and you have to save the sentient beings that you face.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference”)

I understand that the Fa-rectification has already progressed to this point. 

Help Fellow Practitioner and Cultivate Yourself

An older practitioner and I visited a dozen government offices in 2017, asking for the return of a practitioner’s pension. During this process, we clarified the truth and distributed Dafa informational materials. Many people thanked us for telling them the truth. 

Of course, we also ran into people who cursed us. The elderly practitioner treated them with a positive attitude, dignity and held no fear. I admired her spirit. She always smiled when talking to people. Her sincerity touched many people

During this process, I also saw my shortcomings. This experience pushed me to correct myself in cultivation. I thank Master for giving me this chance to help fellow practitioners and cultivate myself. 

Our Fa-study Group

The youngest practitioner in our group is almost 50, and the oldest is over 70. Everybody cultivates diligently. When studying the Fa, everyone sits in the double lotus position, and we can stay in that position despite the pain. We memorize one poem in Hong Yin Vol. V each week. Everyone clarifies the truth. 

In the beginning, I was only able to stay in a double lotus position for one hour. Now, I can do two hours. A fellow practitioner didn’t want to memorize the Fa due to the difficulties. Now she can fluently recite many poems. A male practitioner was shy. He never talked to anyone, and always left right after the Fa-study, when he first joined the group. Now, he is willing to share his understandings with fellow practitioners. Some didn’t dare to go out to talk to people face to face, now they no longer hold any fear. A young practitioner's husband passed away in an accident. The group helped her walk out of the darkness and cultivate diligently. 

Everyone in the group cooperates with each other well. We often go out to clarify the truth. Before going out, we send forth righteous thoughts. We pay attention to safety. We frequently change the route of passing out materials or hanging up slogans. We take different roles, talking to people face to face, passing out fliers, hanging up banners, etc. With Master's protection, we always save many people and go home safely. 

The practitioners in the group are like the lotus flowers, as Master said, “We are followers of Dafa; Bringing goodness and blessings; Making the truth known and saving lives.” (“Making Clear,” Hong Yin Vol. V)

Looking back at my cultivation path, I have passed many tests and experienced the changes in my heart with Master’s protection. Although I have been doing what a Dafa practitioner should do, I haven't done enough in many aspects. The time of Fa-rectification and saving people is limited. In the future, I will hurry up to cultivate myself and save more people.

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