(Minghui.org) The Chinese people had a very quiet 2020 Chinese New Year given the pandemic. The villages were put under lockdown, roads were closed, and passenger transports and taxis were halted. 

With the help of practitioners in April, my daughter and I could leave our hometown in the countryside and return to the city. In previous years I had run a breakfast truck on the roadside. Due to the pandemic, however, we decided to stop selling breakfast. With a friend's help, I found a job in a newly built community – cleaning.

Taking Responsibility for My Job

My responsibility is to clean a 17-story high-rise building and a small park, a green area around the building. My job is to mop the lobby of each floor every day, and clean the three stairwells and the railings once a week. I am also responsible for keeping the lawn and the small park free of debris and trash. I am happy with my new job. 

In addition to my job cleaning, I need to oversee renovation workers, delivery people, and property owners. The community ha rules: the renovation workers are not allowed to keep the door open during construction, not to mention cut materials or pile up garbage in the hallway. If they do, they will be fined.

Most of the workers who come to renovate the apartments do not know this. Therefore, whenever I see new owners and workers, I repeatedly tell them about the regulations. I remind them from their perspective, saying that it is not easy to make money, so please do not be fined. After hearing my words, they usually nod and say: “I know you are kind, and it is also not easy to do your job. We'll try not to cause you trouble.” 

Laying a Good Foundation for Telling the Truth

I also help people who deliver goods, as they work tirelessly, with sweat on their faces. I will often give them a hand, and they are very grateful. 

These interactions have laid a good foundation for me to clarify the truth about Dafa to them. Sometimes I don't get enough time to clarify the truth, and so I give them pamphlets and amulets, and tell them to take a look when they have some time. 

I also tell them to remember that, "Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good," which will keep them safe from Covid-19, because gods will protect them.

Sometimes I walk around in the underground garage and clean up the rubbish if there is any, while singing the songs composed by Dafa disciples. If there are workers, I clarify the truth and persuade them to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. 

Over time, as long as they hear me singing in the building, they will stop their work. Some applaud, others praise the songs, and some others suggest I attend a singing competition. 

Some asked me: "Why are you so happy every day?" I then take the opportunity to tell them about my experience and the improvement in my mind and body after I stepped into cultivation. 

I further tell them the truth about Dafa, the importance of quitting the CCP, etc. Finally, I also tell them that gods and Buddhas have been protecting me, which is why I am happy. 

Taking Care of the Unpleasantness

Sometimes they will give me a thumbs up, and I know that the compassion of a Dafa disciple has moved them.

Sometimes unpleasant things also happen. People urinate and defecate in some hidden corners or on the rooftop. 

Whenever I see the waste, I clean it up. At first, I was reluctant to do that because I felt disgusted, and I even thought that these people had no morals. 

After looking inward, however, I treat myself as a cultivator and think that I shouldn't blame people for what they have done. There is no bathroom in the common area, and maybe they really couldn’t hold it. I thought this was meant to remove my attachments to fearing trouble and filth.

I have nine coworkers in this community, and they are older than I. I have never worked with so many coworkers. The relationship is complicated, and frictions and clashes among us often surfaced. I could often hear cursing in the locker room. 

Remaining Unmoved

However, I remained unmoved and treated everyone with compassion. During the conflicts, I would sing the songs to them, and the people who cursed would usually be too embarrassed to continue.

In addition to doing my job well, I also help other janitors, scrubbing and cleaning up places they cannot reach, and helping them repair mops. I help solve problems for the coworkers, and save money for the company. 

Unanimous Praise

When a coworker was off work, I would help clean the area she was responsible for. For all I had done, I won unanimous praise from my coworkers and the company. 

After learning that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner, they were happy to work with me. When I enter the locker room, before getting off work, they smile and say, "We know you are coming." 

This is because they can hear my singing from afar when I am walking to the locker room. This makes it easy for me to clarify the truth to them and advise them to quit the CCP and its organizations – some of them have already quit.

Those who didn't know the truth would ask me questions about Falun Dafa, and the reason why they should quit the CCP organizations. I answered all their questions. 

Whenever they were available, they would ask me to sing the songs to them. Over time, harmony came to the relationships among my coworkers, and the atmosphere in the locker room turned peaceful; laughter could be heard from time to time.

Once, I went to a coworker’s job area and sang a song while helping her wipe the floor. Later, she couldn't find her mop, and asked a young man about the whereabouts of her mop.

The young man told her: “A woman in her 30s wearing a hat and singing took it away.” My coworker immediately knew that I was helping her again. 

I knew that she didn't feel well because her lower back was hurt a few days prior, so I went to help her. She followed the song and found me. 

She said with a smile: "That young man said you are in your 30s." We both laughed.

One year before I practiced Falun Dafa, when I was in my early 30s, someone asked me: "You are in your 50s, right?" 

Benefiting from Dafa

Life was hard at that time, coupled with the torture of illnesses, my body showed premature aging. In 1998, I was fortunate enough to encounter Falun Dafa. 

In just a few months after I began to cultivate, I recovered from all my illnesses. That included bronchitis which had tortured me for years, as well as many other painful and debilitating health problems. 

I haven't taken any medication for over 20 years, and I have been enjoying the pleasure of being healthy and happy. Now I am 52 years old, and when people see me they say I am in my 30s. 

This is really as what Master said: 

"One’s body will appear to gradually return to youth..." (Lecture Five, Zhuan Falun)

"Those practices that cultivate both mind and body make one look very young in appearance, and one looks quite different from one’s actual age." (Lecture Five, Zhuan Falun)

I'm really thankful for revered Master Li (Dafa’s founder), and his compassion!

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