(Minghui.org) I liked art when I was younger, and I developed a habit of examining the design of advertisements, billboards, and trends in street fashion. I have found that the passage of time is akin to a projector where the images continously change, so I carry a camera wherever I go. Whenever I see something of value I take photographs.

I have seen Falun Dafa practitioners for many years in my city, talking to people in the streets and the parks in all kinds of weather. Regardless of whether the situation in society is tense or relaxed, they are out there on the front lines clarifying the truth to save people. When I encounter such scenes, I am touched and want to take photographs before I miss the opportunity. I want to capture these moments that may seem insignificant, but in reality will go down in history.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has persecuted Falun Dafa for 21 years, and amidst the perils of the persecution in China, practitioners have been telling people of the goodness of the practice and raising awareness of the persecution in order to save people. The CCP spreads lies about Falun Dafa to deceive people and destroy humanity. It is exactly in this environment that Falun Dafa practitioners in China cultivate.

Clarifying the truth to people face-to-face must be the most direct, most effective form of truth clarification. Many practitioners are clarifying the truth like this, talking to their friends, their classmates, and their coworkers. When they leave their homes each day they encounter people who have predestined relationships with them.

Here are a few photos. I am moved by the compassion of these practitioners and I am happy for the people who have listened to them and chosen a good future for themselves.