The Lesser-Known Readers of

A practitioner in China recounts how police officers and spies tasked with persecuting Falun Dafa followed the Minghui website. Some were inspired by what they read and decided to stop participating in the persecution. One of them said, "If there were more people like you in China, the situation here would be much better.”

Overseas Caller Convinces Police Officer to Release Falun Dafa Practitioner Arrested in China

When a woman in China was arrested for putting up a sign reading "Falun Dafa is good," a family friend in Canada called the police officer responsible for the arrest. The friend's heartfelt plea, explaining the significance of those words and the consequences for participating in the persecution of Falun Dafa, awakened the police officer.

Elected Officials Around the Globe Condemn the Persecution of Falun Gong

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has enabled more in the world to further see through the CCP's deceptive nature and disregard for human life. Elected officials and ordinary citizens alike have realized that the harm of the CCP, if left unchecked, could eventually bring down the world.

Australia: Elected Officials and Community Leaders Support Falun Gong and Condemn the Persecution in Virtual Rally (Part 2)

Academic and community leaders praised Falun Gong practitioners for bravely persevering in resisting the CCP’s brutal persecution for 21 years and for their contributions to civil society and morality.

Lessons to Learn from the Misfortunes of Wuhan

To shed light on how the once-glorious Wuhan devolved into a global epicenter of misfortune, we look at a few major events that have taken place in the city during the CCP's reign.

Master Saved My Mother and Me

Once tormented by illness, a practitioner in China recalls how Falun Dafa lifted him and his mother out of a life of misery.

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