(Minghui.org) The Minghui.org website published Master’s new article “Another Stick Warning” on July 5, 2020. After reading it carefully I felt guilty and sad. Because of practitioners’ behavior, Master once again revealed a heavenly secret.

Every time a heavenly secret is revealed, however, it indicates a major deviation in our cultivation, which brings great resistance and interference to the process of Fa-rectification. Master doesn’t want to leave behind any Dafa disciples. In order for disciples to return to the right path as soon as possible, Master has endured all kinds of sufferings for us and sentient beings.

Master said,

“The human surface is extremely complex and there are many different situations in different dimensions. In order for you to be able to get through this tribulation, I had to mention yet another heavenly secret, but do you know the consequences of this? Those practitioners who were heavily involved in this, could the old forces possibly let you off the hook?” (“Another Stick Warning”)

I realized two things when I read this part of Master’s article. First, cultivation requires that we enlighten and cultivate without knowing the true situation. There’s less interference from the outside world this way, and we improve more quickly and solidly. Second, when Master reveals a secret, he bears the boundless karmic debts from all dimensions for all beings in the universe. This is another manifestation of Master’s mighty compassion for all beings.

Those who participate in “giving speeches that disrupt the Fa” usually have two things in common: an attachment to ego and desire to seek novelty. The speaker is attached to the very limited things he saw and heard in other dimensions at his level, and uses those as “standards” to preach among fellow practitioners in order to demonstrate his abilities. He wishes to be admired by fellow practitioners. Those who listen to the speeches are either obsessed with learning about their cultivation levels, or hope to get a “recipe” from the speaker to improve their health. They completely forget what Master said:

“Of course, cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while transforming gong is done by one’s master. The whole process of transforming gong is very complicated and occurs in other dimensions. The body does not only change in just another one dimension, but in all different dimensions. Can you do that by yourself? You cannot. These things are arranged by the master and performed by the master. Therefore, it is said that cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while transforming gong is done by one’s master. You can only have such a wish and think about it like that, but it is the master who actually does these things.” (Lecture Two, Zhuan Falun)

Everything is done by Master. These practitioners have violated at least two major taboos in cultivation. First, instead of, “…take the Fa as the master…” (Lecture in Sydney) they take people as their teachers. Second, stealing the Fa and making it one’s own is disrupting the Fa.

A practitioner from another area came to our city and claimed to have been hinted by Master to find fellow practitioners who came down together with him. (Most of those who give speeches are either from out of town, or are locals who have traveled to other places). Many local practitioners, after listening to him talk about his abilities and supernatural powers, believed in him, and almost blindly worshiped him. More and more practitioners in our city got involved in this “speech” circle, and even refused to listen to reminders from local coordinators.

A practitioner strongly recommended that several of us young practitioners go and talk with this practitioner. Although the Minghui website hadn’t yet published an editorial article about this, we felt that the practitioner was not on the Fa. Also this kind of following and worship he encouraged was not the behavior of a practitioner. Several of us had a discussion and decided the following:

1. The exchange among practitioners should regard the Fa as the teacher.
2. We should not be driven by any words or actions of that person who is not on the Fa.
3. If we discover any words or actions that are not on the Fa, we should rationally use the Fa principles to negate them.

We also sent forth righteous thoughts and asked Master to strengthen us and eliminate all the negative factors that were manipulating him, causing him to say those things.

It was amazing that the negative side of this practitioner seemed to be completely suppressed, and he didn’t talk about his abilities and powers. We just talked about our understandings on how to improve xinxing and about respecting Master and Dafa. We kept kindly reminding him that what he saw and talked about were just the different levels of principles that he has realized in Dafa, and that Dafa is great and infinite, and guides beings at all levels.

Master said,

“I suggest you stay away from this person and don’t give this person an audience.” (“Another Stick Warning”)

I think that because we firmly believe in Master and take the Fa as our teacher, we didn’t give him an audience and he did not interfere with us.

After Minghui published the editorial, many practitioners in our city also realized the dangers of following a person instead of the Fa and corrected themselves in time. However, a small number of practitioners couldn’t let go of their attachments and continued to follow that practitioner, resulting in them being caught by the old forces. That person and some of his followers were tracked down, arrested, and sentenced by the police. This brings huge tribulations to individual cultivation, and at the same time brings huge losses to the local group of practitioners.

Coordinators also have to be very careful and avoid unintentionally “giving speeches.” This is also caused by our human attachments. A coordinator might develop the mindset that other practitioners are dependent on him. For instance, the practitioner might tell the coordinator about some physical pain or discomfort; the coordinator, instead of reminding the practitioner to look inward based on the Fa principles, uses his own level of understanding to directly tell the practitioner what to do. Over time, it is possible the “giving speech” phenomenon can occur.

In order to prevent that, it is recommended that coordinators consider the following. First, we should regard the Fa as the teacher and use the Fa principles to eliminate all unrighteous elements. Second, the exchange should be based on doing the three things, and focus on how to achieve overall coordination and improvement in cultivation. Third, we should not jump to conclusions about individual practitioners’ personal cultivation problems, but use the Fa principles to remind them to look inward, and help them identify their attachments and change their own state through solid cultivation. Of course local practitioners should also look inward. After all, none of the things that a practitioner encounters or sees are accidental.

Master has made it clear:

“The above are the two reasons for not being able to increase gong. Without knowing the Fa at high levels, one cannot cultivate. Without cultivating one’s inner self and one’s xinxing, one cannot increase gong. These are the two reasons.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun)

When a Dafa disciple encounters difficulties on the path of cultivation, the first things we should ask ourselves are, “Have I solidly cultivated myself? Have I taken the Fa as teacher? Do I firmly believe in the Fa, and looked inward based on the Fa?” Only in this way can we overcome tribulations, elevate on the Fa, and improve our cultivation environment, rather than relying on external factors.

Master said,

“The rigor of cultivation practice is such that each and every step is linked to the next, and not one moment or step should be tampered with.” (“Another Stick Warning”)

I sincerely hope that those fellow practitioners who are still participating in the Fa-disrupting speeches will quickly wake up. Don’t let Master endure more for us because of your irrationality. Do not lose the opportunity to cultivate! There are no shortcuts on the path of cultivation. Only by taking the Fa as the teacher and taking every step steadily and firmly can we reach successs in cultivation.