Another Stick Warning

Greetings, Practitioners in Japan!

In the current situation, it looks like Master has no choice but to say a few things before things can settle down. Cultivation practice itself is walking a divine path, and human attachments pose obstacles every step of the way. But our path is very narrow, and if you aren't paying attention for just a moment, you could stray, and once you stray, you will have problems, even very big problems, and if you aren’t able to make your way back, it will become an eternal regret.

Because what Dafa disciples are accomplishing is a greater fruition status—and at the same time, each is bearing the responsibility of saving countless sentient beings from one part of the cosmic body, and very high-level beings, at that—with such a tremendous responsibility, it is required that the standards for elevation be extremely strict. Because the fruition status they are achieving is great, the difficulty is also great in every regard, and cultivating amid illusion is also highly difficult. Most have remained continually diligent in the course of arduous cultivation and have not become lax despite not knowing the real situation of their own cultivation. The higher one cultivates and the greater the responsibility, the more tightly the body is sealed. Other than Master, no living being will be allowed to know the true situation of Dafa disciples, because this directly involves the purity of the new universe.

Over the years, there have always been spies who pretend to be practitioners, and among them there are also those who were arranged by the old forces during the early days to hide undercover in the guise of practitioners. When the time comes, these people will come out and do the things they must do. Because they’ve been hiding undercover among practitioners for a long time, they will be even more deceptive. (For most of these people, their human side on the surface doesn’t know; some, in the face of the mighty virtue of Dafa, have sincerely entered Dafa and can conduct themselves in accordance with Master’s requirements and can steadfastly deny the old forces’ arrangements and become true Dafa cultivators.) Of course, the old forces’ excuse for doing this is that there will always be people who have human attachments in their cultivation practice, and so there will be those who want to know how they’re doing in cultivation practice, there will be those who admire supernormal abilities, and there will be those who treat the process of shedding karma as illness, so they will beg those with so-called supernormal abilities to take a look for them. Thus, as you progress along this path of cultivation practice, every once in a while a few people with so-called supernormal abilities will pop out, posing and putting on airs. On the surface, it looks like everything they’re saying is pulled from my Fa, but that’s just to make excuses for them and to confuse those who have pursuit in their hearts. And some people have even been taken in pretty deeply and some have been helping to spread how capable this person is, creating a disturbance in practitioners’ cultivation and impeding the path that Master has arranged for all of you.

The rigor of cultivation practice is such that each and every step is linked to the next, and not one moment or step should be tampered with. A person who went from Singapore to your Japan who constantly quotes my Fa out of context and brings harm to practitioners no doubt has problems, but isn’t this in fact something you have brought upon yourselves? Isn’t it that those who have the attachment of pursuit have had their gaps taken advantage of? This situation has already created quite a stir among practitioners and has seriously disturbed normal cultivation practice—isn’t this a problem? The state of Dafa disciples’ cultivation practice and their bodies cannot be seen by anyone but Master because this involves the safety of the future universe. I have said this many times before in different settings, and everyone understands, so why do you believe in that nonsense? The human surface will have some inconsequential issues that will be noticed by those who have abilities, but none of it will affect the fundamentals. Looking at how practitioners are cultivating, looking at what sickness karma practitioners have, and irresponsibly talking rubbish—this is interference. Looking at what attachments practitioners have—is that you cultivating or them cultivating? Everyone needs to enlighten to what they themselves are attached to, and if they make it through, that is true elevation. If others have pointed out all your issues to you, would that count as you cultivating? Of course, in cultivation practice, there are also hints given by Master using other people’s mouths because your cultivation practice is arranged by me, not by those people. Some people, those who are so willing to listen and believe that person’s nonsense: Is that person your Master? Is this called believing in Master?

Actually, the surface of the human body is highly complex. Those who profess to be able to see can’t see clearly the real situation of each and every layer, nor can they see the interactions between the various layers of the real situation. Most people today are divine beings from the heavens, so they don’t know how to behave as humans and are unable to live here among mortals. So when they reincarnated, most of them were equipped with animal nature, and only then were they able to exist here among mortals and only then could they have human behavior. Didn’t Shakyamuni’s mother see a white elephant at the time of his birth? Those who came from the heavens all must have that. Those people who claim to be able to see cannot differentiate these things, let alone know this heavenly secret, so they go around saying carelessly this is reincarnated from that and that is reincarnated from this. The human surface is extremely complex and there are many different situations in different dimensions. In order for you to be able to get through this tribulation, I had to mention yet another heavenly secret, but do you know the consequences of this? Those practitioners who were heavily involved in this, could the old forces possibly let you off the hook?

After the Minghui website discussed this situation, there were people who still tried to defend it and even posted things online. Do you want to disturb Dafa disciples’ cultivation even more? Are you upset about the report on Minghui? So agitated—isn’t that a human attachment? Is this the state of a cultivator? At this point in the process, have you looked inside? No matter what, those Dafa disciples who have made it through since July 20, 1999, Master really cherishes all of you, and the countless Gods all hold you in high esteem, but you should also know to respect yourselves. Wake up! You’ve already made it through the most difficult part of your journey; don't capsize your boat in a stinking ditch at the very end. I suggest you stay away from this person and don’t give this person an audience. Salvation is directed at all persons. No matter what your identity, remove those things that are online, because if they stay there, they’ll become solid evidence for why you can’t achieve consummation. Master will say one more thing: Every moment of yours, you are on the path of cultivation practice, and at every moment, I am the one who is looking after you. You must not seek out interference for yourself. Walk well what little is left of your path.

Li Hongzhi

July 5, 2020

(Translation by Team Blue, subject to further improvement. Date of this version: July 6, 2020.)