(Minhui.org) A tickle of concern rippled down my spine while the special railway police officer paused and took a second look at my documents. I was about to pass through the security checkpoint and my train to Beijing was just pulling up to the platform. I sighed with relief as he waved me through.

After the train began moving the railway police came and checked my documents and luggage again. One explained, “We're just checking for any flammables or explosives. Sorry for the disturbance. Thanks for your cooperation!”

When the train arrived at the Beijing Railway Station I joined my family waiting on the platform to meet me. As we walked towards the exit one of them exclaimed, “Look! Those men look like plainclothes police and they're pointing at you.”

I saw three middle-aged men in casual clothes walking towards us. They were looking my way and one was talking on his cell phone. I realized that they were indeed plainclothes police. 

Eliminating Interference

When I had a sudden thought, “Be invisible,” I understood that Master Li (the founder) was giving me a hint. I thought, “I'm invisible and the bad people cannot see me!” I noticed the police turned around and walked away. 

I thought, “Master, please shield my family and my luggage so they cannot see them.” I started sending righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference. 

When it was my turn to have my ticket checked at the exit the teller nodded and smiled at me, checked it, and handed my ticket back. I thought, “He was rude to the others. Why was he suddenly nice?” I realized my righteous thoughts eliminated the negative factors behind him.

Scenes in Other Dimensions

I went to wash my hands after we left the station. While walking back, through my third eye I suddenly saw the following scene: An endless, scorched field spread out before me; a small house was in the middle, surrounded by several smaller houses. The far side of the field was muddy and flooded with black water. The entire scene was grim and desolate and dark clouds covered the sky.

On the right another picture appeared. This scene was in vivid color. The sky was blue and filled with bright sunshine. I stood as tall as a mountain. A huge golden cloud radiating gold and pink lights floated above my head; the golden rays poured into the top of my head, and went through my entire body. I felt wonderful and comfortable. 

Then, on the left side of the black and white scene a second, vividly colored scene appeared. The sky was blue and filled with brilliant sunshine. A bright glass plate slowly moved upwards and my body passed through it. 

As I watched these scenes unfold in other dimensions, in this dimension I continued walking but I felt that my feet did not touch the ground. Instead, I floated. 

I understood that it wasn't a coincidence that Master let me see these scenes; Master was encouraging and strengthening me. My eyes filled with tears of gratitude and I kept silently thanking Master!

I'd seen pictures in other dimensions before, while I did the exercises or when I sent righteous thoughts. This was the first time I saw scenes with my eyes open. This scene continued in my head for thirteen days before it faded away.

I wrote this article to let other practitioners know that our compassionate Master is always there, protecting us! Falun Dafa is wonderful and Master is amazing!

Tears stream down my face as I recall my experience that day. I repeatedly thank Master for his boundless compassion, protection and salvation!