Hubei Doctor Reveals How Chinese Hospitals Achieve High Coronavirus Recovery Rates and Low Death Rates

A doctor who works in the intensive care unit in Hubei Province explains how his hospital managed to report zero confirmed cases in recent weeks even though they were still treating coronavirus patients. 

The Dangers of the World's Dependence on China for Drugs and Medical Supplies

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s continued cover-up and disinformation about coronavirus turned an epidemic into a pandemic, but the dangers posed to the rest of the world go well beyond that.

Italian Sociologist: Chinese Communist Party Attempts to Rewrite History by Denying Coronavirus Originated in China

Chinese diplomats and agents have been given secret orders to try to persuade people to believe that the coronavirus originated in other countries. 

A Pure Heart Broadens Our Path of Truth-clarification

A practitioner reflects on her understanding that when clarifying the truth, what matters more is one's mindset, rather than the specific method for reaching out to people.

A Couple's Amazing Experiences After Withdrawing from the CCP

A couple receives many blessings after their withdrawal from the communist party. They encourage others to listen to Falun Dafa practitioners during this global crisis, as they are telling you the truth.

My Family Experienced the Power of Dafa

A practitioner recounts many astounding events that happened to her family and how they were kept safe from harm.

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