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Pandemics and plagues are part of a divine plan and inevitable in the course of history. When people become immoral they generate karma, become sick, and experience disastrous things. In such circumstances, people who do not believe in the divine then resort to various “measures” [or “cuo-shi” in Chinese] to try to deal with things. But the fact that “cuo-shi” is a homophone for another term in Chinese, which means “mistaken approach,” is telling. 

(Team Yellow Translation)


Epidemics themselves are arranged by Gods and are inevitable in the course of history. When humans become corrupt in their hearts, they generate karma, become ill, and suffer from disasters. At such times, for those who don’t believe in Gods, they resort to various measures. The homophone of this noun, “measure,” is already telling you: Measures are in fact erroneous implementations. 

(Team Blue Translation)

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After exhausting all other options, the skeptical couple learned more about Falun Dafa out of desperation and quickly saw results they could not have imagined.

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