(Minghui.org) Each day, many Chinese line up in front of the Chinese Consulate in Toronto before it opens. For the past 20 years, rain or shine, local Falun Dafa practitioners have been there to tell people about the ancient spiritual practice and its persecution by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

As the novel coronavirus began to spread, practitioners started displaying and broadcasting information to tell people how to stay safe during the disaster.

As the outbreak worsened in China and became a global pandemic, more and more people came to see the evil nature of the CCP. They have also observed the sincerity and compassion of Falun Dafa practitioners. Many people are moved to tears when they withdraw from the CCP organizations, and some repeatedly thank Falun Dafa's founder.

Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Pan said that people are now eager to listen to practitioners. Sometimes when the line moves, they don't move forward because they want to hear more. Many people ask for pamphlets when they walk out of the consulate. Before the pandemic, seven or eight people would agree to withdraw from the CCP every half hour, but now the number has increased to more than 20.

Retired Official: “Please Thank Your Master For Me!”

One lady in her 70s is a retired official from China. She lingered in front of the practitioners’ display boards and read them slowly. “This pandemic affects everyone,” practitioner Ms. Sun told her. The lady didn't reply but accepted a pamphlet.

When the lady slowly walked away Ms. Sun realized she was might have been afraid to speak in front of the consulate, so she followed her to the next street and offered to chat for a bit. The lady nodded.

Ms. Sun began by explaining why millions of people outside of China practice Falun Dafa and why hundreds of millions of Chinese have already withdrawn from the CCP. The lady quietly listened.

Ms. Sun asked if the lady had any questions and said her only wish was for more people to withdraw from the CCP so they wouldn't be held accountable for its crimes.

The lady said, “I'm still wondering whether I should quit the CCP.” Ms. Sun said, “The weather is so cold. Falun Dafa practitioners stand outside in all kinds of weather. We are concerned about our fellow Chinese who still uphold the CCP.”

The lady nodded, visibly moved.

Ms. Sun pointed out that countries with close ties with the CCP have been the ones most heavily impacted by the coronavirus, while Hong Kong and Taiwan, though very close geographically to China, haven't had many cases because their people have long resisted the CCP. “Only by distancing oneself from the CCP can one avoid the pandemic,” Ms. Sun said.

The lady's eyes filled with tears, and she exclaimed, “Now I realize why Falun Dafa practitioners always stand in front of the Chinese consulate and talk to people! Now I understand the significance of withdrawing from the CCP! You are trying to help people. You are all so kind! I am a CCP member. I want to withdraw from the CCP!”

Both women wept. The lady kept thanking Ms. Sun. When Ms. Sun said that the founder of Falun Dafa was the one who asked practitioners to do this, the lady exclaimed, “Please thank your Master for me!”

“I Feel So Lucky To Meet You!”

A mother and son originally from Xi’an City, China, carefully read the information boards and listened to the broadcast. When a practitioner explained why everyone should withdraw from the CCP, the mother said she knew of the CCP’s corruption and deception.

The practitioner mentioned that when the virus first appeared, the CCP only cared about protecting its power by trying to cover it up, rather than show concern for people's lives. The woman agreed and said, “I understand. I feel so lucky to meet you today! I want to withdraw from the CCP using my real name!”

“You Really Are Here To Help People”

A well-dressed lady chatted with a practitioner for a long time. She said she was from Beijing and now managed a company in Canada. After listening to the practitioner carefully, she said, “I am not against what you're saying, but I don't understand why I should withdraw from the CCP.”

The practitioner explained in depth about the coronavirus, why the situation in Iran and Italy was so serious, and why Hong Kong and Taiwan haven't had many cases.

The lady agreed and said, “I want to withdraw from the CCP! You really helped me a lot. You really are here to help people. Falun Dafa practitioners are so kind!”