(Minghui.org) I grew up in the countryside. My health was so bad that I was often hospitalized. After I started practicing Falun Dafa, my illnesses were cured and I was full of energy. My classmates and colleagues all praised Dafa after seeing the great changes in me. Two of them even started to cultivate.

I moved from the countryside to an urban area in 2017, where I began to clarify the truth and persuade people I knew to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. Through Fa study and improvement of my xinxing, I realized that I needed to reach a broader audience.

Growing up, I always had an introverted personality but with fellow practitioners’ help and encouragement, I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and started to clarify the truth to strangers. I could persuade at least a few people to withdraw from the CCP every day, and on a good day more than a dozen.

One day, I talked to a couple while they waited for the bus. They were very kind to me, as if they had met a long-lost relative. The lady said excitedly, “You are such a good person. I will listen to you.” I told them, “I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. My teacher taught me to be a selfless person and care for others.” The couple happily quit the CCP and asked me to visit their home if I’m ever in the area. I became more confident after this and started going out to clarify the truth every day.

Once a practitioner and I saw a man in his 60s sitting in the shade on some steps. We greeted him and started to tell him about Dafa and the persecution. He was poisoned by atheism and did not express any opinion on what we said. We told him, “If you want to know the truth, we can give you an audio player that contains some good information.” He agreed.

We met him the next day and gave him the audio player. About half a month later, I unexpectedly bumped into him again. I asked him what he thought of the information on the audio player. He told me with a smile that it was great.

During the CCP virus pandemic in early 2020, all the cities, villages and roads were closed and going out was restricted. In mid-February, iron frames covered with safety nets were installed to enclose our communities. The gate was guarded 24 hours a day and an entry pass was required to get in and out.

I could not go out every day like I used to and for a while I felt lost. I asked myself whether I should just stay at home like an ordinary person when there are so many people in the world waiting for Dafa practitioners to save them. I had never given out truth-clarifying materials in my own community before because I was scared of being reported to the police. I decided to overcome my fear, save the sentient beings in my own community, and continue to validate the Fa. Master told us:

“So as for the Dafa disciples in any region, you are basically the hope for the beings in that region to be saved—their only hope, in fact.” (Teachings at the 2004 International Conference in New York)

We are helping Master to rectify the Fa and fulfilling our prehistoric vows. The sentient beings in my community have the greatest predestined relationship with me and I should save them.

My sister, who is also a practitioner, printed out materials and we distributed the Minghui Weekly magazine in our neighborhood. One of my neighbors had the CCP flag hung in their window. There was an article in Minghui Weekly, in which a Fengshui expert explained the bad influence of the CCP’s red flag. Three days after we distributed the magazine, the flag was gone. We were happy for them to have read the magazine and understood the truth.

I felt that it was not enough to cover only my community. I wanted to go out and reach other communities too, but they were all locked down. I wandered the streets to take a look and found some communities looked closed from the outside but still had gaps where I could get in. I hung truth-clarifying materials on people’s doorknobs and reached out to these communities, rain or shine. It was actually a bit easier to distribute materials during the lockdown since the streets were so quiet.

When the pandemic hit its peak, I decided to deliver Minghui Weekly to other practitioners so that they could have it for their communities. I went to one community to make a delivery to a practitioner there. The gate was closed and guarded by security. I walked around the fence and found a place to climb in. I successfully delivered Minghui Weekly to the practitioner and hung some on the doorknobs of residents. It was very cold and snowy in March in northeast China. After I climbed out, I rubbed the mud off my knees and happily walked home.

Although I am over 60 years old, I feel grateful and glorious to be a Dafa practitioner in the Fa-rectification period. Thank you, Master, for your compassionate salvation. I will continue to do the three things well and return home with Master!