(Minghui.org) This morning, Master’s teaching suddenly appeared in my mind:

“Accomplishing is cultivating.” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin)

I knew that this was Master’s hint and I immediately enlightened to something. Here I have written it down to share with my fellow practitioners.

Master said,

“Study Fa, obtain Fa,Compare in studying, compare in cultivating,Examine each and every deed,Accomplishing is cultivating.” (“Solid Cultivation” in Hong Yin)

Master said, “Accomplishing is cultivating”, but what if I didn’t accomplish it? So is it not cultivating?

How much of my cultivation is really accomplished? For example, as a Dafa practitioner, have I completed the most basic daily Fa-study and exercises with quality and quantity?

In many cases, it is discounted, and it can only be said that it was done to a certain point. Doesn't that mean some portion has not been cultivated?

If we only recognize and enlighten, but don’t actually do it, is that cultivation?Realizing something but not doing it, letting it stay in mind without putting it into action, really can’t be considered cultivation.

Only when we have actually done it, can it be regarded as cultivation and are we truly assimilating to the Fa. Moreover, the most basic things such as Fa-study and doing the exercises do not have to be enlightened to.

They are Master’s requirements that we must do well, and solidly. Why can’t we do them well?

One is inertia, which a practitioner must overcome, and the other is a lack of awareness. As practitioners, we all want to make diligent improvement, but some haven’t fully realized the importance of “accomplishing is cultivating”.

Master said,

“There is a principle in the universe: Whoever loses gains. Whoever practices cultivation obtains gong.” (Lecture Eight, Zhuan Falun)

If we practitioners fail to solidly implement our cultivation, it is tantamount to not taking responsibility for our own cultivation, which is really a loss for us.

After cultivating for so long, how much has been done, how much hasn’t been done, and how much time has been wasted? It looks like we’re practicing, but actually we are not.

We Dafa disciples are now in the period of assisting Master in the Fa-rectification, and our personal cultivation is linked with Master’s Fa-rectification. Whether it is cultivating ourselves well, sending forth righteous thoughts, or saving sentient beings, we are all assisting Master in the Fa-rectification and validating the Fa.

Therefore it is of great significance to do all of the three things as required by Master, do them well, and do them solidly.