The Battle Between the Free World and Communism (Part 1)

An account of how communism has infiltrated our world through education and various movements, and how it has led people, especially the younger generations, to deviate from traditional beliefs and moral values and destroyed their religious beliefs, creating a massive worldwide discord that has divided us.

China Fahui | Falun Dafa Has Blessed All Three Generations of My Family

A practitioner describes how her family embraced Falun Dafa, the challenges dealing with some family members and others who had been misled by CCP propaganda, and how all have benefited since taking up the practice, including improved health. The author’s husband said after distributing flyers with their practitioner-uncle, “Uncle walks so fast I can hardly catch up with him. I’m covered in sweat running after him.”

In October 2020, 1,077 Falun Gong Practitioners Were Targeted for Their Faith

At least 433 Falun Gong practitioners were arrested and 644 were harassed by the authorities for their faith this past month in China. Two hundred and eighty-two (65%) of the arrested practitioners remain in custody at the time of writing.

Australia: People Condemn “Inhuman” CCP and Sign Petition to End It

One man who signed the petition commented, "I think our government has to be stronger against the CCP and should take steps now. We should not be afraid of the Chinese Communist Party."

A New Practitioner: Cultivating Myself at Work

A new teacher who encountered repeated conflicts with colleagues and school administrators learned that they were only reflecting her own "tit for tat" attitude. When she put tolerance and forgiveness into practice, everything changed.

How Young Falun Dafa Practitioners Got Rid of Their Video Game Addiction

Young practitioners share their experiences of how gaming invaded every aspect of their lives. In fact, the Chinese Communist Party regards online games as a big industry. Someone remarked “Everyone plays games and has no time to think of other things. This is exactly what the CCP wants!”

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