(Minghui.org) I have never thought that I could be healthy again, or that my life could turn around like this.

In the past, I often thought life was too hard. I had insomnia and often had nightmares. I also had constipation and hemorrhoids which often bled. My husband worked full time but his income was not enough to support our family. I had to work while taking care of our two children. I had to prepare meals for everyone and often missed my own meal because I ran out of time and had to hurry to work. I felt exhausted every day.

My husband never helped out with house chores and did not spend time with our children. I often felt depressed and complained about how unlucky I was. My health was affected, and I had stroke-like symptoms. Later on, I could no longer work.

Fortunately, when I was 42 and desperate, I came across Falun Dafa. From studying its teachings, I understood why people have illnesses and suffer tribulations. It is caused by karma that one generates over their numerous lifetimes, and one has to pay back the debt.

I began to change myself. I was able to abide by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and I was able to look within whenever a conflict surfaced. I became more patient, kind, and forgiving.

Two months later, my health recovered! I was delighted and energetic, I was able to work again. Everything changed. My life was renewed!

Step Back and See the Boundless World

In the autumn of 1999, the wall around our yard badly needed to be repaiedr. While we were at it, the neighbor came over to confront us. He demanded we move our property line 1.6 feet from the original place. Facing the neighbor's unreasonable request, I readily agreed: "Okay!” He began laying the bricks and mud along the line.

My husband was furious, but I told him not to fight with him. Other neighbors could not stand him either: “He always bullies others. When he built his house, you and your family helped him a great deal. Now he did this to you?”

Master taught us:

“When your vested interest is snatched away by others, you will not go to compete and fight for it like others.” (Lecture Eight, Zhuan Falun, 2014 translation version)

“We say that when you take a step back in a conflict, you will find the seas and the skies boundless,” (Lecture Nine, Zhuan Falun, 2014 translation version)

I understood how to be an upright person, so I just smiled. The conflict passed smoothly.

Since then, the neighbor and his family began greeting us warmly whenever we met. The resentment accumulated over the years was resolved.

From a Boy to An Upright Man

My older son had a weak constitution since birth. He was hospitalized at 13 days old. He could hardly walk at age 3. He would have a cold, cough, and bronchitis in winter and diarrhea in summer. He constantly got sick. I often worried about him.

Because I refused to give up my belief, I was persecuted numerous times over the last 20 years. I was detained and sent to forced labor camps and prisons. My son came to visit me every month. He went to the local 610 Office, the Public Security Bureau, and Police Department with fellow practitioners to demand my release.

The officials who handled my case threatened my son. My gentle, soft-spoken son showed his wisdom and courage. He was firm and determined and rationally proved them wrong. They were shocked and no longer ransacked my home at will. They respected my son and treated him with courtesy. With efforts from overseas fellow practitioners, and with my son and other family members continuing to seek justice for me, my sentence was reduced from three and a half years to a year and a half.

My son, who used to be weak and sickly, grew up to be an upright man. He hardly ever gets sick anymore. When he felt sick with a fever or cough, he would sincerely say, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” and quickly recover. He has read Zhuan Falun many times now, laying a good foundation for his cultivation.

Dafa Protects My Younger Son in An Accident

My younger son was always very naughty. I worried about him a lot. After I began practicing Dafa, I often used the Fa teachings to guide him. I treated him with patience, care, and love. Whenever I read Zhuan Falun, he would be calm and obedient. He acknowledged Dafa as well and would pick up Dafa truth-clarification material that some people had tossed on the ground and redistribute it. He got rid of many bad habits and did not lose his temper easily like before.

Now he is generous and loyal and likes to make friends. He often takes them home for gatherings. I seized the opportunities and talk to his friends about the persecution of Falun Dafa. My son often reminds me to do so. His friends all liked to hear my Dafa truth-clarification and learned how evil the Chinese Communist Party was and quit the CCP and its related organizations. They also accepted truth-clarifying material and chose a bright future.

In December 2019, my son was speeding on a rainy day, when he came to an intersection on a yellow light. He hit the brakes and tried to make a sharp left turn, but since it was very slippery, his car went into the air, spun around several times, and landed at the same place. Bystanders thought it was a stunt. My son was greatly shaken after the incident.

He immediately realized that it was Dafa's Master Li who protected him. After he came home, he told me how fortunate he was. He was deeply grateful for Master's saving grace.