Queensland, Australia: Chinese Continue to Renounce Communist Organizations at Popular Tourist Sites

Chinese tourists enjoying the scenery were welcomed by Falun Dafa practitioners near Brisbane's central business district. They displayed banners and posters and demonstrated the Falun Dafa exercises. After clarifying the misconceptions that some tourists had due to the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda, many Chinese decided to sever their ties with the Party.

Practitioners in New York Wish Master Li Happy Chinese New Year

Over 600 Falun Dafa practitioners attended the celebration. Crowds enjoyed cultural performances throughout the day, including dances, vocalists, a variety of musical instruments, martial arts, and calligraphy. Several practitioners also spoke about how they had benefited from practicing Dafa.

Taipei: Falun Gong Practitioners Wish Master Li a Happy Chinese New Year

As the Lunar New Year approaches, practitioners around the world have been gathering to celebrate and express their gratitude to the founder of Falun Gong. Practitioners in Taiwan gathered on Liberty Square at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall for the occasion. One participant said, “Tears filled my eyes today. I was moved that Master imparted this great practice to the world.”

Australian Senator: Falun Gong Practitioners Help All of China's Prisoners of Conscience

Senator Eric Abetz spoke in support of Falun Gong practitioners' efforts to end the persecution in China and said such human rights abuses should concern Australians as well.

My Grandma Helps Me Improve My Cultivation

My grandma changed after I looked within for my own shortcomings and cultivated more compassion and tolerance. When I changed, she changed, and she no longer lies to me or treats me badly. 

Eliminating My Deep Attachments Made All the Difference

A practitioner from China realizes that it is vital to have the right mindset when cultivating oneself. She recognized and eliminated her fear of being arrested when posting materials about Falun Dafa.

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