My sister and I needed help to pay for our schooling in 2008. My father was in prison for a white-collar crime, so the financial burden fell on my mother.

She began listening to Master Li Hongzhi's lectures every evening. My sister was very opposed to Falun Dafa because she’d heard and believed the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) lies smearing the practice. I was supportive and told my sister, “Studying and practicing Dafa can make people good and improve their health. It's a good thing. I think you should support Mom.” By encouraging my mother in cultivation, I made a connection with Dafa.

When my father came home from prison, he saw my mother was in a good frame of mind. But when he found out that she had been studying Dafa, he did not approve; it was obvious from his demeanor and what he said. So my mother listened to the audio recordings of the lectures only when my father was not home.

When I was in Singapore for postnatal care in October 2010, my mother came from China to take care of me. Every morning, she went to a practice site nearby to study the Fa and do the exercises. She encouraged me to practice Falun Dafa many times, but I kindly refused.

I became bored watching television one day, and as I left the room, I saw the book Zhuan Falun on a table. I was curious and took it to my room.

I read two lectures without stopping. I had a dream that night in which I smashed everything in my home. Then I saw my mother and someone I did not recognize standing by my bed. The person with my mother took something out of my body—it was an evil-looking being that was screaming and emitting a green light.

I awoke full of fear and went to tell my family about the dream. My body felt relaxed, and the symptoms of all my physical discomfort were gone. Soon afterward, I understood that it was Master Li who had purified my body. I had experienced the power of Dafa!

Finding My Path

Before I started practicing Dafa, I was immersed in the big dye vat of the everyday world and had completely lost my kind nature. I hired a maid to clean my house while I went out spending money recklessly and extravagantly. It was quite common for me to bring along some employees to accompany customers to go out drinking.

As Master Li said,

“Luxury and feasting—the modern worldFascinated by demons, dancing hysterically,all of which leads to depravityIndulging demonic nature, apart from the divineAfter entering Hell, there's no chance of getting out”(“Lacking All Restraint” in Hong Yin III)

If I had not started to cultivate, I cannot imagine what would have become of me!

I knew that my attachments to fame, fortune, showing off, lust, and many other things had been developed among ordinary people and would be obstacles on my path. So I reminded myself to use Dafa's principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to measure my every word, action, and thought.

Master told us:

“Accordingly, genuine cultivation practice has a higher xinxing requirement for practitioners. Everyone sits here to learn this Dafa, so you must here conduct yourselves as true practitioners, and you must give up attachments.” (Lecture One in Zhuan Falun)

I must completely remove these obstacles, so I often repeat “Falun Dafa is good, Zhen-Shan-Ren is good” and send out strong righteous thoughts to clear away all interference. I am determined to assimilate to Dafa, return to my original true self, and be a true disciple of Master Li.

My Father Was Moved

When I first began to practice Dafa, my father worried that it would only cause me trouble and often blamed my mother. I calmly told him: “I used to drink a lot while socializing. Then every spring and fall I would have to take Chinese herbal medicine because I was exhausted physically and mentally. The Chinese medicine doctor told me that I had the heart of a 60-year-old, even though I was only 30. Look at me now! I am physically and mentally fit, and my customers know that I conduct business with integrity, so they introduce me to more customers.”

I also told him, “As long as you do not interfere with Mom and me doing what a practitioner should do, I will support you.” Last year, he wanted to build a small dwelling in my orchard. My sisters did not agree, saying that he was too old. Why spend that money? He did not ask me for money after he found out that I was in the process of immigrating and did not have anything to spare. After my mother told me about this, I approached him and said, “I will help you as long as it improves your wellbeing and you continue to be supportive of Falun Dafa. My income at the end of the year should be adequate because business was good this year. If it is not enough, I will take out a loan.”

Because I gave him the money, he felt practicing Dafa had changed me. He was moved, and after that, he would often remind my mother to do the exercises and send righteous thoughts. One time, when he sat near my mother as she listened to the Fa, he said, “Your Master really is not an ordinary person!”

Every year, my parents visit me and my family in Singapore. On Thursdays, the Epoch Times newspapers are distributed. My father will always read the paper and then accompany me while I distribute it to every shop near my home.
I have been involved for over two years making phone calls to China to tell people the truth about the persecution using the RTC platform. I target the police, judges, prosecutors, prison guards, and officials of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee.

Many practitioners from Taiwan participate in this project. Sometimes, they are overwhelmed by a variety of unexpected reactions from the police and law officers in China. I calmly share my experiences with them in hopes of improving the effectiveness of their calls.

Sometimes, when the practitioners are harassed and cursed at, they get shaken and not know how to handle it. I then continue the call for them. We work together like this, in harmony, to achieve our common goal and keep us on the path of Fa-rectification.

I treat every phone call with righteous thoughts to better suppress and disintegrate all interference. This is what I must and should do to pave the way for other practitioners to effectively help save more people. Thank you, Master!