(Minghui.org) The Chinese communist regime launched a nationwide campaign against Falun Dafa in July 1999. Since then Falun Dafa practitioners in China have never stopped raising awareness of the persecution.

With no legal channels to appeal for Falun Dafa, practitioners have been using creative means to clarify the truth to the public for the past two decades. Some set up materials production sites at their homes to compile, print, and distribute pamphlets that dispel the slanderous propaganda against Falun Dafa. Others make phone calls or send text messages to tell people what Falun Dafa is all about. There are also practitioners who make use of social media platforms to spread information about Falun Dafa. Many more practitioners are taking every opportunity to talk to people about Falun Dafa face to face.

Thanks to practitioners' tireless efforts, many people have come to see the illegality of the persecution and to appreciate the goodness of Falun Dafa.

As the Chinese people celebrated another Moon Festival, which fell on September 13th this year, practitioners working at various truth-clarification projects sent in warm greetings to wish Master Li a happy holiday. They expressed deep gratitude to Master Li for giving them wisdom and strength to continue their efforts to stop the persecution.

An 80-year-old practitioner in Gongan County, Hubei Province reported that he goes out every day to talk to people about Falun Dafa. Four other elderly practitioners in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province do the same thing on a daily basis and they thanked Master Li for helping them avoid arrests as they risked their lives to raise awareness of the persecution.

A group of practitioners from Master Li's hometown – Changchun City, Jilin Province – have also been talking to people about Falun Dafa for two decades. They wrote in their greetings that they will be more diligent and help more people understand that the persecution of Falun Dafa is wrong.

The well-wishers hail from the following regions:

ChongqingBozhou City in Anhui ProvinceGuangzhou City in Guangdong ProvinceHejian City, Sanhe City and Zhuozhou City in Hebei ProvinceAnda City, Daxinganling City, Qiqihar City and Harbin City in Heilongjiang ProvinceZhoukou City in Henan ProvinceGongan County and Wuhan City in Hubei ProvinceChangchun City in Jilin ProvinceNanchang City in Jiangxi ProvincePanshan County and Shenyang City in Liaoning ProvinceHaiyang City, Zhaoyuan City and Taian City in Shandong ProvinceBaoji City and Xi'an City in Shaanxi ProvinceTaiyuan City in Shanxi ProvinceHuili County in Sichuan Province