(Minghui.org) My mother and I were at home one day in the summer of 2008, when I suddenly noticed that the house was filling with smoke. I ran outside and saw that our neighbor’s house was on fire. The fire was fierce, and strong winds were blowing the flames towards our house.

Our neighbor’s house and our house are connected and share the same roof, so my mother and I were very worried. There was no time to move things out of the house. My mother was over 80 years old that year, so we couldn’t really move anything. I thought about Master. I told my mother not to panic but to ask Master for help. I brought her outside. Someone said, “The fire truck is not here yet. I’m afraid your house will burn down too.” My mother and I kept asking Master to protect us.

We watched as the fire grew. The metal roof on our neighbor’s house turned red and flames came out of the windows. When the firemen arrived they sprayed water on the roof. Our neighbor’s house began collapsing, but our house did not catch fire. Even the roof over our side remained intact.

The people who came out to watch were surprised. Several people commented, “The other house burned down, but your house suffered no damage. How strange!” My mother said to my brother, “Master protected our home.” My brother said, “We should truly thank Master!”

Everything in our neighbor’s house was destroyed. During the fire, the wind kept blowing the flames towards our house. Without Master’s protection, our house would have caught fire and also been destroyed.

I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1998, and have greatly benefited both physically and mentally. My mother also practices. She never learned to read, so she listens to the recordings of Master’s teachings and when other practitioners read.

All of my mother’s illnesses disappeared after she began practicing and she threw out all her medicines. My brother was amazed, and said, “She recovered so quickly from all her illnesses that couldn’t be cured by medicine. Falun Dafa is great! She regained her health by practicing.” Three of our neighbors also started practicing after seeing the positive changes in my mother.

Master is so benevolent. Words can’t express my family’s gratitude.