(Minghui.org) The oldest Falun Dafa practitioner in our region is in her 80s, healthy, and goes out every day to persuade people to withdraw from the CCP affiliated organizations (the Chinese Communist Party, the Youth League, and the Young Pioneers).

Hit by a Car

A few days ago, as the octogenarian was riding her electric tricycle to the supermarket, a car, driving very fast, hit her bike from behind. The woman was knocked over and thrown onto the ground. Her head slammed into the road with a loud thud. She slowly regained consciousness, raised herself up, and sat for a minute to clear her mind. She saw that the driver was a young man in an electric three-wheeled pickup and his wife was a passenger.

The couple realized that they were driving too fast and had hit an older lady. They were scared to get out of the car so they hurriedly drove away. The practitioner, still sitting on the ground, shouted to them, “Hey, don't run away!” Before she had a chance to say, “I will not blackmail you,” they disappeared. She wanted to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa to them. She slowly got up and went home.

Once home, she realized that she had a big lump on the back of her head. She thought to herself, “I will be okay because I am a practitioner.” As a result, the swelling disappeared after two to three days. She joked to her fellow practitioners, “The car accident made me feel light.” When studying the Fa with fellow practitioners, she became more and more diligent.

Lost Money for Clarifying the Truth Returned

About four or five years ago the woman lost her purse containing money that was intended to be used to clarify the truth to more people. However, she didn't notice that her purse was missing. Her eldest daughter came home during working hours, smiled, and asked her, “Mom, where is your purse?” The woman began looking for it, saying to herself, “Where did I put it?”

Her daughter smiled and said, “You lost your purse. Someone picked it up and saw that there was over 4,000 yuan and a cell phone in it. They used the phone to call my younger sister, and told her to meet them in front of the local police station to pick it up.

Originally, they intended to hand the purse in at the police station, but as they arrived at the station gate they noticed that there was a Dafa book inside the purse and so decided not to give it to the police. They realized that they must give the purse to the owner to protect her. That's why they talked to my younger sister who told me what had happened. I went to the station and picked up your purse. I tried to give them some money to thank them, but they would not accept it and left. I don't know their names or where they come from.

The practitioner told her daughter, “Three thousand yuan of that money will be used to make more informational materials to hand out. I got it from a fellow practitioner who asked me to give it to another practitioner. I should not have lost that money.”