(Mingui.org) Several years ago, I could only persuade three to five people to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its youth organizations after putting in a whole day’s effort of truth-clarification. I was confused and anxious, but I didn’t know why.

I later listened to Master’s teaching and the words, “Put your heart into it” came to mind. I then realized my problem.

Before this realization, I only halfheartedly clarified the truth. While I was talking to someone about Dafa, and saw attractive clothes displayed at the entrance of a store, I couldn’t help but go try them on afterwards. When I saw some food on sale, I went to buy them and also squeezed in time to buy other pleasing things. How could this be considered “putting my heart into it?”

When I enlightened to this issue, I put my heart into studying the Fa and doing the exercises. I tried my best to abandon all distracting thoughts. As a result my effectiveness in helping people understand the facts about Dafa has completely changed for the better.

I can now persuade hundreds of people to quit the Party in a month. I often hear them express their joy and are thankful to me. In fact, all of this was done by Master, as He is blessing us all.

Master said:

“At present, the most important thing is to save sentient beings, save more people! That is the most important thing.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. VIII )

Master asked us to save more people. For the past few years, I have been going out to talk to people about Dafa every day, no matter what the weather. Everything would go smoothly when I clarified the truth; as a result of Master’s compassionate blessing. Over time, everyone knew that I was a Dafa practitioner.

Many people have been blessed after understanding the truth. One time, a motorcyclist saw me and shouted, “Auntie, it was so kind of you to tell me to recite ‘Falun Dafa is good!’ I recite it every morning, and now I don’t have lower back pain, nor do I cough!”

An elderly woman who I had talked to before, waved to me from the side of the road. She said, “You told me to recite, ‘Falun Dafa is good’, and it really is true. My teeth and feet are no longer in pain!”

Of course, I have met many people who do not have a good understanding of what we are doing. I once talked to a teacher, and she said, “Securing one’s safety is such a big thing, how can your few words make a difference?” I told her, “It is not me saving people. It is our compassionate Master who is saving people. There are gods three feet above our heads. If you really recognize that Dafa is good, you will be blessed!” All of her confusion then went away and she finally understood.

Another time, a plainclothes policeman listened to me clarify the truth. He then showed me his police ID, but I wasn’t scared. I said, “What difference does it make if you're a policeman? Don’t you also need to secure your safety? I only hope to bring you a brighter future!”

Someone doubted what I said was true, and asked, “Can heaven really destroy the CCP? The Party has modern weapons, planes and missiles. Can it be destroyed?” I laughed and asked him, “Who do you think is bigger, a god or a human? Gods can arrange everything for humans with a wave of a hand!”

I also gave out beautiful amulets or car charm hangers and people were very grateful. Some wanted to pay for them, but I said, “Dafa enlightens people with compassion; we don’t want money or material things.”