(Minghui.org) What is it like to live like a Falun Dafa practitioner? What are their joys, and what are their sorrows?

This is something rarely known to people outside of their families. I’d like to share some stories of my fellow practitioners, which you may find thought-provoking and refreshing.

When a Husband Owed Hundreds of Thousands of Yuan

A young female practitioner worked in a state-owned enterprise. Her husband quit his job to run a business, but the business failed and he owed hundreds of thousands of yuan.

The creditors came to their home every day. However, her husband chose to hide out, leaving her to face the creditors.

She had to greet the creditors tactfully, because she had no money to pay them either. During the Chinese New Year, several groups of creditors simply moved into her home.

She lived with her six-year-old child and elderly mother, and as well as dealing with the creditors, she also had to be cautious due to the persecution of Falun Dafa.

One day she couldn’t take it anymore and ran to her office to cry. She didn’t come home that night. A practitioner must face problems with the understanding of Fa principles.

She knew all of her troubles were caused by karmic debt from her previous lives. She scrambled to pool enough money from relatives and friends and paid off her husband’s debt.

She did not blame her husband, and continued fulfilling her duty to take care of the family.

Her husband was deeply touched, and was convinced that Falun Dafa is wonderful. He secretly rejoiced for having a wife who was practicing Falun Dafa.

From then on, he became very supportive of her practice, and told people that Falun Dafa is good. Especially when he was having dinner with others, among whom were police officers. He scolded the police officers who said bad things about Dafa.

He often said, “Wouldn’t I know best whether Falun Dafa is good or not, my wife is practicing it!”

A few years passed, and the family’s financial situation stabilized. But on October 23, 2017, her husband suddenly lost the ability to speak clearly and half of his body became immobile.

She took him to the hospital and the doctor said her husband had suffered a massive stroke.

The doctor warned her that having a stroke at such a young age would leave him half-paralyzed and not able to do any work for the rest of his life.

She told her husband to sincerely repeat in his heart, “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” At first her husband didn’t completely believe her, but later on he became sincere and followed her advice.

A miracle happened. A re-examination on his fifteenth day in the hospital showed that the blood clot was gone.

The doctor was surprised and said, “You are so lucky! You recovered quickly!” His wife knew that it was her husband’s respect and sincerity towards Dafa that helped him; Master Li (the founder) had saved his life.

An Elderly Man Collapses

People nowadays don’t want to help others. They tend to be a spectator and tell others to do things, but they won’t do anything when someone’s life is in danger.

In December 2017, a young Dafa disciple was on her way to work when a man in his 70s collapsed on the street about 150 feet from her, and everyone nearby quickly scattered.

  She was also taken aback. “Should I help him?” she wondered.

She was in a big rush to get to work because she was the only one on duty that day and people would be waiting in line for her if she was late. It occurred to her that she was a Dafa disciple, that Master Li has taught his disciples to be good people, following Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance.

She thought to her self, “I cannot let it slide.” She ran over and found the older man unconscious.

Seeing someone had stepped forward, others came up and circled around. Someone said, “Call 120!”

She squatted down and tried to speak to the man, but there was no response. People kept shouting at her, “Call 120!”

She felt distressed because she was indeed in a rush to get to work. She thought, “Why don’t you people call 120?”

She had an idea and spoke into the man’s ear, “Sir, please wake up.” There was no response.

She continued, “Sir, if you can hear me, hurry up and repeat, 'Falun Dafa is good' in your heart, and Master Li can help you.”

She then shouted, “Falun Dafa is good” three times. The man slowly opened his eyes.

She asked him, “What’s your home phone number?” The man shook his head.

After a moment, he felt better and said, “Thank you. Please help me up.” She said, “Sir, you’re not well enough to stand up yet. Let me call 120 and have you taken to the hospital. Don’t move.”

The man insisted she help him up. She said, “Okay. Listen to me. Constantly chanting Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good! will definitely be good for you.”

The man said, “I hear you.” She helped him up, and he walked away.

Repaying a Life

This is about an elderly Dafa disciple. In his childhood, he hunted with his father.

As a grownup, he joined the army. Upon demobilization, he was in the security department of a state-run enterprise and often accompanied the leadership to hunt.

He started practicing Dafa in 1995 and has been practicing Dafa throughout the persecution.

His reputation was very good, and everyone spoke highly of him. He was very handy and good at everything, be it plumbing, carpentry, etc.

He was always happy to help anyone without payment. For elders who live alone and were not feeling well, he was a phone call away and carried them up and down stairs on his back.

People have witnessed the wonderfulness of Falun Dafa through him.

Due to the persecution, he lost his job in the state-owned enterprise and partnered with others in a flooring business.

Besides studying the Fa and doing the exercises every day, he clarified the facts to his circle of friends and customers. He also advised people to quit the Communist Party and its affiliated organizations.

On March 20, 2018, in the middle of the night, he encountered a tribulation with sickness karma. A sharp pain suddenly appeared in his lower abdomen.

All kinds of thoughts occurred to him. He knew nothing about medicine and did not know on which side the appendix was, but wondered if he had a ruptured appendix.

He lived alone as his wife and daughter lived out of town. The situation lasted a few days.

He wanted to study the Fa, but as soon as he picked up the book, the pain sharpened. As soon as he sat with legs crossed, his left lower abdomen, above his waist, upper back, and stomach spasmed, and he had to take his legs down.

His stomach was burning too. He couldn’t sleep or eat.

As he was a veteran practitioner, he was clear that this tribulation was aiming to take his life. He listened to Master’s lectures and looked within.

One day, with his eyes closed, he had a clear vision: On a slope, a roe deer whose three legs had been broken by him was lying there.

It gave him an unforgettable look and moved forward like a seal. At this time, one of his companions came over and stabbed it to death.

After six days of pain, practitioners learned about it and sent forth righteous thoughts for him. They studied the Fa together and exchanged understandings.

His condition improved and he completely recovered on the 10th day. His family was moved after learning what had happened, saying, “Dafa is supernatural!”

His daughter told her husband proudly, “My father can recover from illness without going to the hospital, can you?”

The elderly Dafa disciple concluded his sharing by saying, “If it weren’t for Master’s merciful salvation, I probably would have been long gone.”