(Minghui.org) About two years ago, I bought a Bluetooth headset and started listening to experience sharing broadcasts that a fellow practitioner downloaded for me. There were many files including articles from the eighth to fifteenth Minghui online experience sharing conferences, Divine Culture, Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, Disintegration of Party Culture, Milarepa’s Cultivation Story, and a selection of Fa-rectification cultivation experiences.

My job is relatively simple and does not require much concentration, as it is contracted, piece-rate work. As soon as I get to work, I start listening to the files.

Benefits From Accessing Minghui.org

The biggest benefit of listening to all these recordings is that my understanding of the Fa is clearer, my mind is less distracted, and I am motivated to be more diligent. The articles also relay the experiences and lessons of fellow practitioners from different angles, helping me make fewer detours in my cultivation and see clearly how to get rid of different attachments.

Master Li Hongzhi said:

“A person is like a container, and he is whatever he contains.” (“Melt Into the Fa” from Essentials for Further Advancement) (Confirmed)

After all, we live in the big dye-vat of ordinary society, and most of the things that enter our eyes and ears are the things that cultivators want to remove. Listening is a very efficient way to learn while not interfering with my work. It also blocks out a lot of mind-pollution. Of course, this approach isn't feasible for every occupation.

I hope that more practitioners can visit Minghui.org. Some practitioners describe it as “Frequently visiting your hometown.” It really feels like that!

The first thing I saw when I opened Minghui.org was a picture of our great compassionate Master. How happy it made me. Looking down the page, I saw the different categories of articles like Mainland News, Overseas Windows, Current Affairs Comments, Minghui Journals, Minghui Radio, Beginner's Garden, Fa-rectification Cultivation, etc. It was like a cornucopia of wonderful fruit. I was so excited to partake in this nourishment and share it with more people, because this is the fruit generated in the only pure land in the world!

I hope practitioners who can access Minghui will download and update experience sharing articles for those practitioners who cannot access the website. I know that some practitioners are doing this, but the number is limited. They may find it difficult to keep current with the updates.

Families with computers and Internet access at home can try to access Minghui themselves or learn how to do it from other practitioners. Dafa disciples are omnipotent. They should not use excuses such as “I’m too old, not educated, or can’t type.”

Learning to Write Articles

I remembered an article, written by a farmer, who described how he became used to using a computer mouse, step by step, and learned how to access Minghui. Some elderly female Dafa disciples didn't know how to write an article. But with belief in Master and the Fa and their indomitable spirit, they were not ashamed to ask for help!

One woman not only wrote her own articles, but also wrote for fellow practitioners. When this elderly practitioner first asked another accomplished writer how to compose an article, the practitioner replied, “You just write what you want to say.”

I am still new at writing sentences because I am not educated. Though my vocabulary is limited, I thought that if I actually managed to write an article, it would be a miracle! I worried that I would probably not construct the sentences correctly or use punctuation properly. I just wrote down what I wanted to say and slowly typed the words I thought of.

I am in my fifties this year. When I started typing, I even forgot how to use pinyin. But I had no fear of difficulty and thought, “How difficult can it be for Dafa disciples? As long as we cultivate and do whatever is needed, Master will give us wisdom; we can't always be picking the fruits from others’ trees. We should also give the seeds of Minghui to other practitioners to plant, so the bounty can be enjoyed by others.”

As I progressed with my writing, the greatest attachment that arose was the attachment to fame. I wondered, “What name should I use? If my article is published, people will know that I wrote it.” When I realized this thought was not mine, I cleared it away. I understood that writing articles is also a cultivation process.

Attending a Minghui Online Fahui

The Minghui editorial department has hosted an online experience sharing conference for Dafa disciples in mainland China for more than 10 years. I hadn't submitted anything before and now I really regretted it.

I wanted this article to be done quickly. Before I started, I didn’t feel I had anything worth writing about; but once I started writing, I felt I had a lot to share with practitioners. Perhaps some of my thoughts haven't been clearly expressed, but I do feel that I have done my best. I also hope that readers will cherish the efforts of those who devote their time to Minghui, and that they too can “visit their hometown.”

Thanks to all fellow practitioners who work hard at Minghui.org. Thanks to Dafa disciples outside China who are part of this Fa-rectification period. Many practitioners fulfill their vows by assuming many roles and have little time to rest. They are clearing away the evil and reducing the pressure on mainland disciples.