(Minghui.org) I was once a good looking man but I was addicted to all sorts of bad things, such as clubbing, gambling, smoking, and drinking. Virtue and morality meant nothing to me. One day I was riding on the back of a friend's scooter when we got into a traffic accident.

My friend died at the scene, his face smashed beyond recognition. Barely breathing, I was taken to an emergency room. I had a dozen stitches on my head and was unconscious for a month in intensive care. The doctor eventually announced that I was untreatable and discharged me. He said that, even if I lived, I would just be a vegetable.

My family had to take me home, keeping me alive with a nose feeding tube. I was more dead than alive and my muscles gradually wasted away. When one of my great aunt's came to see me, my mother broke down in tears. My great aunt said that there was still hope for me. She had my mother read me the book Zhuan Falun. My mother believed her and read me the book every day, even though I was unconscious.

In 22 days—52 days after the accident—I woke up from the coma. Everyone in my family who witnessed my return to consciousness was amazed and burst into tears.

I was soon able to recognize people, speak, and eat. I made visible progress every day and was no longer dependent on anyone else for my basic needs. I knew that Falun Dafa’s Master had saved me from death.

Just as I was regaining my health and about to begin cultivation, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched the persecution of Falun Dafa. My mother and I were frightened and did not continue to read Zhuan Falun. We did not continue practicing.

More than ten years passed and I began to have symptoms that seemed like the aftereffects of the accident. I frequently fainted and had spasms. I was diagnosed with epilepsy. I could have a seizure at any time. I often got injured when I lost consciousness outside on my own. My family wouldn’t let me go out alone after a while and I became a burden again.

My great aunt learned about my situation and told me, “You know that Falun Dafa is good and it saved you. Why won’t you practice? There are so many courageous people out there. Why are you scared?”

I stopped being afraid and decided to become a practitioner in 2013. My mother and I studied the teachings with other practitioners every day, rain or shine, even after we moved far away. I was interfered with by thought karma at first. Through constant study and with help from fellow practitioners, I was able to eliminate it.

The symptoms of epilepsy disappeared for good. I quit all my addictions and bad habits. None of this would have been possible without practicing Dafa. I am a living example of the miracle of Falun Dafa and the immense compassion of Master Li (the founder). As long as we sincerely believe that Falun Dafa is good, everything is possible.