(Minghui.org) I was born in a hilly, remote village in southwest China. I'm now 75 years old. I grew up in extreme poverty. My father worked himself to death before I was seven. The burden of providing for my brother and I fell to our sickly mother. I attended only two years of elementary school and I was constantly hungry throughout my childhood.

How I Learned about Falun Dafa

In order to have something to eat, I enlisted in the army when I was seventeen years old. By the time I left the army my health had severely deteriorated. In 1988 I started practicing several different kinds of qigong and my third eye opened.

Through my third eye I was able to see what caused other people's illnesses and I began to cure them. My success earned me much fame around the region, but the more people I cured, the worse my illnesses became.

One day, a friend came to see me. He said, “My aunt told me of a qigong Master who is spreading his teachings. Can you see him with your inner eye?” I told my colleague that this Master was so tall, I could not see him. My friend was delighted and said, “This is the high-level teacher we've been looking for.” His aunt helped us purchase tickets, and we attended the last lecture held by Master Li (the founder) in Guangzhou in December 1994.

My Illnesses Disappeared

The lectures were held at the Guangzhou Gymnasium and were attended by approximately 5,000 people. Some people traveled more than 8,000 miles, coming from Xinjiang and Heilongjiang. The gymnasium was unable to accommodate everyone, and many people lined the halls or stood outside. The five of us sat near the stage, separated from Master Li by just five rows of chairs. To pay for my trip, I borrowed a thousand yuan from my friend, Xiao Li, who also attended the lectures with us. I could only afford to eat instant noodles throughout the nine days we were there.

During those nine days, Master Li cleansed my body, improved my inner eye vision and eliminated all of my chronic illnesses, including gastritis, rheumatism and skin allergies.

During an earlier attempt to arrest a thief, our Security Section Chief had fractured his clavicle. By the end of the lectures, his injured clavicle was normal. My friend Xiao Li, who had suffered from breathing difficulties since he was a child, discovered that he was able to breathe normally by the end of the lectures. Overjoyed, we thanked Master from the bottom of our hearts and rejoiced at our good fortune in learning about Falun Dafa.

I returned from Guangzhou a changed man. My complexion was healthy and I walked with ease. Master Li continued to encourage me, and even allowed me to glimpse the Falun Paradise three times when I meditated. The experience was wonderful.

Impressed by my positive changes my relatives, friends and acquaintances began practicing Falun Dafa.

My Mentally Disabled Son Becomes Smart

Due to a series of injuries to his head, my son became mentally disabled. His birth was difficult, so the doctor extracted him using a pair of forceps and the procedure injured his brain. When he was three years old, he fell from his bed and severely injured his head. At five, he contracted meningitis, which further damaged his brain. By the age of seven, his grades in school were dismal. His mentally incapacitated state was a source of constant worry for my wife and me.

My son was fifteen when he first started reading Zhuan Falun. The morning after he finished reading Zhuan Falun he woke up and shouted, “Mom, I spent the night wandering around in an old castle!” Ever since then, Master bestowed him with wisdom. He no longer spent his days in a daze and his eyes shone with extraordinary intelligence.

My son has now attended two universities and is a proficient singer, painter and designer. His academic achievements have been outstanding and he even won a gold medal while competing in the Asia-Pacific region.

My Wife Gains the Ability to Sing and Paint

While I was away from home attending Master's class in Guangzhou, he started eliminating my wife’s karma. My wife had yet to read Zhuan Falun and only heard a little bit about eliminating attachments from me. She spent six days in bed with a high fever. Afterward, her asthma, pharyngitis, rheumatism, neurasthenia and various other diseases completely disappeared.

One night, my wife dreamed she traveled to heaven and asked Master to grant her the ability to sing Falun Dafa songs. Master granted her wish and from then on, my wife was able to sing the most beautiful and moving songs.

My wife had never learned to paint, but thanks to Master who granted her the ability, she became a proficient painter. Her paintings have been published several times on the Minghui website.

My Old Body Becomes Young

During a recent medical examination a doctor looked at my electrocardiogram and excitedly told his colleagues, “Look at this! This seventy-five-year-old man has the heart of a twenty-year-old!”

I started hearing a low, constant ringing sound. After that a large quantity of ear wax was released. Since then, the ringing sound vanished and I'm able to hear even more clearly than before.

Recently, new hair began growing on my bald head. My friends say that I look like I'm in my fifties. Despite sleeping only three or four hours a day, I have the energy and stamina of a young man.

Over the years, my family has had so many amazing experiences that we have no words or way to thank Master for his kind salvation.